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Meeting started by robertl_ at 08:03:17 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Welcome to the 43rd Mahara developer meeting. Please introduce yourself using #info at the start of the line so that we know who's attending today / tonight. (robertl_, 08:03:25)
    2. robertl_ is Robert Lyon, Catalyst IT in Wellington, NZ (robertl_, 08:03:30)
    3. anitsirk is Kristina Hoeppner at Catalyst IT, Wellington, NZ (anitsirk, 08:03:32)
    4. mingard is Jono Mingard, Catalyst IT, Wellington NZ (mingard, 08:03:47)
    5. aarowlaptop is Aaron Wells at Catalyst IT, Wgtn NZ (aarowlaptop, 08:04:12)

  1. Items from last meeting (robertl_, 08:06:01)
    1. robertl_ to create bugs / wishlist items for improving the HTML export. (robertl_, 08:06:01)
    2. ACTION: robert_ to get it done by next meeting (robertl_, 08:06:46)
    3. yuliyabozhko1 will try to contact Launchpad and check if there is a way to get a custom language code set up. (robertl_, 08:06:59)
    4. Everyone: Review the possible options for the official mahara code repository that aarowlaptop mentioned and weight advantages and disadvantages. (robertl_, 08:07:32)
    5. IDEA: the best plan will be to set up our own repository (for the time being on a Catalyst server) (anitsirk, 08:08:19)
    6. IDEA: It's still the idea to use Gitlab for that (anitsirk, 08:10:11)
    7. ACTION: anitsirk to get GitLab ball rolling (robertl_, 08:14:05)

  2. Mahara 15.04 release (robertl_, 08:14:26)
    1. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to Mahara 15.04. It's been a great release again. Congratulations around the world. (anitsirk, 08:14:57)
    2. speaking of bugs: A critical one found in 15.04 concerns MNet. If you are using Mahara with MNet, please wait until 15.04.1 is out as that fixes a critical session bug. (anitsirk, 08:17:49)

  3. reviews.mahara.org server has been upgraded, Gerrit version will be upgraded soon (robertl_, 08:18:34)
    1. We've been trying to upgrade reviews.mahara.org to a later version of gerrit for several months now. The blocker was that newer Gerrit versions require Java 1.7, and hudrit was running Ubuntu 10.04 which only supported Java 1.6 (aarowlaptop, 08:19:31)
    2. Today we've migrated reviews.mahara.org to a new server. In the next couple of days I'll upgrade the gerrit version. (aarowlaptop, 08:19:52)
    3. If you connect to gerrit for git, you'll need to clear out the old SSH host info from your known_hosts file (aarowlaptop, 08:20:15)
    4. ACTION: aarowlaptop to upgrade reviews gerrit soon (robertl_, 08:23:50)

  4. Updating "Server OS" on the system requirements page to Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian 7 (robertl_, 08:24:11)
    1. https://wiki.debian.org/LTS (mingard, 08:26:41)

  5. Should we raise Mahara 15.10 minimum supported PHP version to 5.4, or 5.5? (robertl_, 08:31:59)
    1. ACTION: add php version to mahara.org/stats (robertl_, 08:42:05)

  6. Next meeting and chair (robertl_, 08:42:50)
    1. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=44th+Mahara+developer+meeting&iso=20150528T08&p1=1440 (anitsirk, 08:45:52)
    2. mingard is going to chair the 44th Mahara developer meeting on 28 May 2015 at 8:00 UTC. (robertl_, 08:51:25)

  7. Any other business (robertl_, 08:51:58)

Meeting ended at 08:52:36 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. robert_ to get it done by next meeting
  2. anitsirk to get GitLab ball rolling
  3. aarowlaptop to upgrade reviews gerrit soon
  4. add php version to mahara.org/stats

Action items, by person

  1. aarowlaptop
    1. aarowlaptop to upgrade reviews gerrit soon
  2. anitsirk
    1. anitsirk to get GitLab ball rolling
    1. robert_ to get it done by next meeting
    2. add php version to mahara.org/stats

People present (lines said)

  1. robertl_ (75)
  2. aarowlaptop (60)
  3. anitsirk (42)
  4. mingard (34)
  5. maharameet (3)

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