08:35:07 <anitsirk> #startmeeting 66th Mahara developer meeting
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08:35:16 <anitsirk> Kia ora. This is the 66th Mahara developer meeting. We are going to do things a bit differently today because we are giving the audio chat a go and see how we fare. We will still keep minutes in IRC so they'll be available after the meeting. However, it'll be mostly me putting things into here during the discussion.
08:35:16 <anitsirk> #info anitsirk - Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst NZ, Wellington, NZ
08:35:17 <anitsirk> #info Ghada El-Zoghbi, Catalyst AU, Sydney
08:35:17 <anitsirk> #info Ruslan Kabalin, Lancaster University, UK
08:35:27 <anitsirk> #info cecilia - Cecilia Vela Gurovic, Catalyst NZ, Wellington, NZ
08:35:28 <anitsirk> #info robertl_ is Robert Lyon, Catalyst in Wellington, NZ
08:35:28 <anitsirk> #info Gregor Anželj, Ljubljana, Slovenia, developer and translator
08:35:28 <anitsirk> #info Dmitrii Metelkin, Catatalyst AU, Melbourne, Australia
08:35:28 <anitsirk> #info beccab: Rebecca Blundell @ Catalyst IT in Wellington
08:35:28 <anitsirk> #info Gregor Pirker, Danube University Krems, Austria
08:35:29 <anitsirk> #topic Web conferencing tool
08:35:29 <anitsirk> #info We've tried a couple of options and are giving our Catalyst Jitsi instance a go. The audio chat via Matrix is not yet robust, and Google hangouts only works for those who have a hangouts account. We'll see how today goes and whether we'll try something different next time.
08:35:30 <anitsirk> #topic Upcoming features
08:35:30 <anitsirk> #info We are working on Mahara 18.10, which will have a number of new features, and has already received a few.
08:35:37 <anitsirk> #info The running record is available at https://bugs.launchpad.net/mahara/+bugs?field.milestone%3Alist=85083&field.tag=nominatedfeature
08:35:37 <anitsirk> #info Gregor Anzelj is working on isolated institutions. We still need to review the bulk of it and then there will most likely be some adjustments.
08:35:37 <anitsirk> #info The Catalyst team in the UK is working on institution tags, which will make it possible for institutions to define a set of "official" tags that the members of that institution can use.
08:35:47 <anitsirk> #info At Catalyst NZ we are also working on enhancing the tagging functionality. This seems to be a theme right now. :-) Blocks that are not tied to artefacts will be able to be tagged, and then it'll be possible to put all tagged content into a page based on one or more tags. This is pretty exciting because it flips the portfolio page creation around and allows you to put all content on a page and then remove it if you don't
08:35:47 <anitsirk> #info Not quite yet in the development stage, but the proposal stage is to figure out a way to make pages available outside of a collection and also make one page available across multiple collections. It's a tricky problem to solve, but thanks to funding from PHBern, we are investigating how to accomplish that and will then know more about what would be involved to make it happen.
08:35:54 <anitsirk> #info Cecilia is upgrading jQuery, which is a huge project in its own.
08:35:54 <anitsirk> #info Rebecca is looking into fixing issues with PHP 7.2 so we can support it in 18.10.
08:35:54 <anitsirk> #info Lots going on and that is besides the usual security updates, but fixing, forum replies etc. :-)
08:35:54 <anitsirk> #idea Gridstack could replace our current page layouts and make them easier to handle
08:35:54 <anitsirk> http://gridstackjs.com/ - There is a demo directly on that page.
08:35:54 <anitsirk> #info Currently, Gridstack is not accessible. So we would need to find a way to provide an accessible version to the drag and drop option. That could potentially be some pre-made template layouts people can use.
08:36:02 <anitsirk> #info Is Gridstack compatible with Bootstrap 4?
08:36:02 <anitsirk> https://github.com/gridstack/gridstack.js/issues/390
08:36:02 <anitsirk> #info At the above it says that Gridstack is Bootstrap friendly and third-party libraries can be created.
08:36:02 <anitsirk> #topic Upgrade to Bootstrap 4
08:36:02 <anitsirk> #info Liam in the Catalyst NZ team has started on the upgrade to Bootstrap 4. That is a huge undertaking.
08:36:02 <anitsirk> #info Is the progress for Bootstrap 4 visible?
08:36:03 <anitsirk> #info Yes, it is. Liam's changes are available at https://reviews.mahara.org/#/q/owner:liam.sharpe%2540catalyst.net.nz+status:open and you can check them out. Please beware though that they are very much in progress. If you'd like to help with moving to Bootstrap 4, please get in touch with me.
08:36:08 <anitsirk> #topic Q&A
08:36:09 <anitsirk> #info Are we going to stay on the hamburger navigation or make the old navigation available again?
08:36:09 <anitsirk> #info Some people don't like the hamburger navigation just having switched from the horizontal navigation.
08:36:09 <anitsirk> #info At this stage, there are no plans to introduce a second type of navigation as it is hard to maintain two different ways to navigate within Mahara. Institutions can change their own navigation around though as long as they are cognizant of template updates that are made in Mahara core and apply them accordingly to their own.
08:36:09 <anitsirk> #info Gregor, are you going to update some of your plugins to be compatible with Mahara 18.04?
08:36:09 <anitsirk> #info Yes, he is, but not quite yet as school is still in session. ;-) The priorities have not yet been fully set, but most likely Cloud and Europass at first and then the others as he has time besides the isolated institutons work (and hopefully also enjoying a bit of summer vacation :-) ).
08:36:18 <anitsirk> #info What is the Catalyst Australia team doing?
08:36:18 <anitsirk> #info The team is doing some bug fixing, and one of them is for the objectfs plugin and functionality in core Mahara: https://reviews.mahara.org/#/c/8950/
08:36:18 <anitsirk> #info Are you aware of institutions in the EU scrambling to upgrade to comply with the GDPR?
08:36:18 <anitsirk> #info The institutions our European meeting participants are at are going to upgrade over the summer to Mahara 18.04, but it's not a mad dash.
08:36:18 <anitsirk> #info How was this meeting with the audio?
08:36:19 <anitsirk> #info Everyone liked it. The ones who had microphone issues will try to fix them before the meeting o be able to participate more easily than through the chat. However, everybody could hear, which was already a big plus. :-)
08:36:19 <anitsirk> #info Some people were easier to understand, for others there was a fair amount of background noise that made it a bit hard.
08:36:20 <anitsirk> #info We'll continue to trial it during the next meeting.
08:36:20 <anitsirk> #topic Next meeting and chair
08:36:21 <anitsirk> #info The next meeting will take place on 8 August 2018 at 7:00 UTC. Rebecca volunteered to be the chair.
08:36:21 <anitsirk> https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20180808T07&p1=1440
08:36:23 <anitsirk> #endmeeting