07:05:02 <anitsirk> #startmeeting 63rd Mahara developer meeting on 17 January 2018
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07:05:13 <anitsirk> Happy new year and welcome to the 63rd Mahara developer meeting, the first for 2018.
07:05:13 <anitsirk> Please introduce yourself with #info.
07:05:14 <anitsirk> #info anitsirk is Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst IT in Wellington, New Zealand.
07:05:23 <robertl_> #info robertl_ is Robert Lyon, Catalyst in Wellington, New Zealand
07:05:38 <cecilia> #info cecilia is Cecilia Vela Gurovic, Catalyst Wellington, New Zealand
07:06:05 <rebeccajb> #info rebeccajb is Rebecca Blundell, Catalyst Wellington, New Zealand
07:06:22 <Maria> #info
07:06:23 <anitsirk> i think this is one of the very few Catalyst-only dev meetings. Maybe others will come a bit later. But we still cover the Sourthern and Northern hemisphere. :-)
07:07:11 <Maria> #info Maria is Maria Sorica, Catalyst IT Europe, Brighton UK
07:07:28 <anitsirk> we have two new devs today: Rebecca and Maria. Hello to you two.
07:07:39 <anitsirk> do you want to say a couple of words, rebeccajb and Maria?
07:08:05 <anitsirk> e.g. what you are currently working on?
07:08:42 <rebeccajb> um, hi... currently working on a few random things including behat related and not.
07:09:21 <robertl_> all important I'm sure :)
07:09:25 <anitsirk> rebeccajb has been doing a lot of behat work over the past few months expanding our suite, consolidating things and also organizing tests
07:09:45 <anitsirk> and australia joins in with ghada. hello.
07:09:45 <Maria> I'm a Junior Developer, I joined Catalyst in April last year, I've been involved in some Mahara client work and now I'm working on the new features developed for Mahara GDPR
07:10:05 <ghada> has the meeting started ?
07:10:08 <anitsirk> ghada
07:10:13 <anitsirk> yep. just doing intros
07:10:20 <anitsirk> about to head to first topic. right on time.
07:10:38 <ghada> #info ghada is Ghada El-Zoghbi at Catalyst IT, Sydney, Australia
07:11:01 <anitsirk> i think that's us for the moment. first topic...
07:11:02 <anitsirk> #topic ToDo items from previous meeting
07:11:09 <anitsirk> #info I contacted Emily and Nicolas via email, but haven't heard back from them yet. When I do, I'll follow up with them on their questions.
07:11:30 <anitsirk> There isn't anything to action for this anymore. we'll see if there are still issues.
07:11:59 <anitsirk> to remind everyone: This was following up on the cas issues they said occurred when they had talked to dajan.
07:12:13 <anitsirk> we wanted to know more specifics as we didn't run into any issues.
07:12:21 <anitsirk> next outstanding to do:
07:12:21 <anitsirk> robertl_, do you have an update on putting the maximum version number of supported versions, e.g. for PHP, into the readme?
07:12:27 <robertl_> I do
07:12:35 <robertl_> I've begun a patch https://reviews.mahara.org/#/c/8419/
07:12:50 <robertl_> but I still need to do more testing of things
07:13:15 <robertl_> to see what stuff doesn't work with bleeding edge PHP / mysql / postgres etc
07:13:48 <robertl_> mattc was saying to me that mcrypt with SAML would stop working
07:14:04 <robertl_> as PHP 7.2 removes support for it
07:14:38 <rebeccajb> I accidently upgraded to PHP 7.2 the other day and it broke everything :/
07:14:39 <robertl_> so my patch may change in info the closer we get to our 18.04 release
07:14:51 <robertl_> good to know rebeccajb
07:15:04 <robertl_> please feel free to make a bug report for that
07:15:05 <anitsirk> robertl_ that sounds good (update it closer to 18.04 release)
07:15:09 <robertl_> with some more info ;)
07:15:54 <anitsirk> any questions or comments for this?
07:16:34 <anitsirk> robertl_ are you planning on adding some basic info, e.g. PHP 7.1 not supported for 17.04 and 17.10 into the readmes of the released versions or just on the wiki page?
07:17:43 <robertl_> yep, plan to update readme for those version too at the time of the 18.04 release
07:18:12 <anitsirk> ok. thanks.
07:18:14 <robertl_> as we tend to do a branch release / last release for the other branches
07:19:21 <anitsirk> i think we can move to the next topic then if there aren't any more questions.
07:19:25 <anitsirk> #topic GDPR progress
07:19:25 <anitsirk> #info Stricter privacy regulations will come into effect on 25 May 2018 as mentioned during the last dev meeting. The wiki page https://wiki.mahara.org/wiki/Developer_Area/Specifications_in_Development/GDPR_compliance outlines the technical changes that we are going to make for the first iteration.
07:19:25 <anitsirk> #info A number of changes already made it into core Mahara https://reviews.mahara.org/#/q/status:merged+project:mahara+branch:master+topic:GDPR and several others are close to completion: https://reviews.mahara.org/#/q/status:open+project:mahara+branch:master+topic:GDPR
07:19:25 <anitsirk> Please check them out and test them (those reading this after the meeting ;-) as we at Catalyst are already testing the changes).
07:19:43 <anitsirk> #info We are well on track for the changes that we have set ourselves to get done to make the necessary changes to Mahara.
07:20:07 <anitsirk> and that is largely thanks to Maria and cecilia_ for the dev work and robertl_ for the code reviews.
07:20:19 <robertl_> The changing of the privacy statements is coming along nicely
07:21:44 <anitsirk> yep. i'll see that i can do some more testing on friday. tomorrow is quite swamped. though if you want me to take a look at something specific, robertl_ so we can get the reviewed patches in, let me know.
07:22:39 <anitsirk> Maria: is there anything you'd like to discus in this group relating to the gdpr? any technical questions?
07:22:59 <anitsirk> (since we are usually many time zones apart)
07:23:26 <robertl_> I'd need some one to test /code review my changes in https://reviews.mahara.org/#/c/8432/
07:23:59 <cecilia_> I was checking that today
07:24:05 <robertl_> and https://reviews.mahara.org/#/c/8434/ (in which we change 'Privacy statement' to 'Legal' in menu
07:24:21 <cecilia_> I found something wrong just before we started with the release
07:24:35 <cecilia_> I'll update tomorrow morning first thing
07:24:35 <anitsirk> robertl_ any instructions for testing that as an admin? I figured the back / cancel button, but not so sure about anything relating to the table
07:24:47 <Maria> I was wondering when we are going to work on T&C?
07:25:24 <anitsirk> Maria: shouldn't be far off as the majority of the privacy patches are ready to be merged. just waiting on the nav change i think
07:26:13 <robertl_> I figure once we merge the privacy patches we can begin ones for T&C - it should be a lot less patches as the db tables will exist and new php pages created
07:27:01 <anitsirk> Maria: did you aleady start on the consent switch for the privacy statement?
07:28:00 <robertl_> I assume it's this patch https://reviews.mahara.org/#/c/8423/
07:28:43 <Maria> do you mean the user being redirected after login to the page here he can accept or refuse the privacy?
07:29:19 <anitsirk> yes. seems to be the patch that robertl_ pointed to. :-) that's great.
07:30:26 <anitsirk> it's been great to see the progress so far already. thanks, team.
07:30:45 <anitsirk> Do you have anything else for this topic?
07:31:46 <robertl_> nothing from me
07:31:55 <anitsirk> Doesn't look like it. next topic then. :-)
07:31:59 <anitsirk> #topic Mahara 18.04 outlook
07:32:00 <anitsirk> #info We already completed some new features that will be in Mahara 18.04.
07:32:00 <anitsirk> https://bugs.launchpad.net/mahara/+bugs?field.milestone%3Alist=83189&field.tag=nominatedfeature&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED
07:32:08 <anitsirk> Not listed are bug fixes that have already been made or that are in the making. robertl_ for example, made Mahara compatible with Elasticsearch 6, which involved numerous changes.
07:32:08 <anitsirk> #info We are planning on releasing 18.04 in the first 2 weeks of April to allow more time for upgrades before the GDPR deadline.
07:32:09 <anitsirk> #info Therefore, feature freeze is still in the first week of February.
07:34:30 <robertl_> so remember - get your patches into reviews early :)
07:34:45 <anitsirk> yes. excellent point.
07:35:34 <anitsirk> questions? comments?
07:36:14 <ghada> nope
07:37:08 <anitsirk> Maria? cecilia_? rebeccajb?
07:37:17 <rebeccajb> nothing from me
07:37:19 <cecilia_> not from me
07:37:25 <Maria> none from me
07:37:30 <anitsirk> #topic Any other business
07:37:38 <anitsirk> I'm pulling this forward and leave the best for last. ;-)
07:37:54 <anitsirk> does anyone have anything else that wasn't already on the agenda but should be discussed or announced?
07:38:52 <robertl_> nothing from me
07:38:55 <cecilia_> not me
07:39:01 * rebeccajb shakes head
07:39:04 <ghada> no
07:39:10 <anitsirk> alright. if that is not the case...
07:39:15 <anitsirk> #topic Next meeting and chair
07:39:16 <anitsirk> :-)
07:39:45 <anitsirk> How about 28 February 2018 same time and place? 7 a.m. UK, 6 p.m. Sydney, 8 p.m. NZ
07:39:56 <anitsirk> or should we go for a date in march?
07:40:02 <anitsirk> there wasn't much to discuss this time
07:40:33 <cecilia_> I'm available that date
07:40:41 <robertl_> I reckon march as all the GDPR stuff should be in
07:41:24 <robertl_> so we can discuss if GDPR is sorted or not / what else needs adding in
07:41:25 <cecilia_> but I guess march is better, just not the 29th
07:41:31 <anitsirk> 21st of march?
07:42:07 <anitsirk> that should be start / mid of release candidate
07:42:19 <cecilia_> good for me
07:42:25 <rebeccajb> fine for me
07:42:32 <Maria> good for me
07:42:33 <anitsirk> robertl_, Maria, ghada?
07:42:39 <robertl_> good for me
07:43:20 <anitsirk> and who wants to volunteer for chairing the meeting?
07:43:54 <cecilia_> I could do it this time
07:44:02 <anitsirk> thank you very much, cecilia_
07:44:08 <robertl_> yay, thanks cecilia_
07:44:30 <anitsirk> #info The 64th Mahara developer meeting will take place on 21 March 2018 at 7:00 UTC. Cecilia will be the chair.
07:44:32 <anitsirk> https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20180321T07&p1=136
07:44:46 <anitsirk> If there is nothing else, this concludes today's / tonight's meeting.
07:45:01 <anitsirk> Thank you very much everyone for coming.
07:45:17 <ghada> thanks cecilia_
07:45:35 <robertl_> thank you anitsirk for being chair
07:45:48 <ghada> anitsirk - you got the date wrong on that info
07:46:08 <anitsirk> ghada? why? it's the 21st of march
07:46:33 <ghada> oh sorry. i was still reading 28 feb ..
07:46:44 <ghada> all good.
07:46:49 <anitsirk> ;-) you've had a busy day.
07:46:54 <ghada> sorry about that
07:46:59 <anitsirk> no worries.
07:47:00 <ghada> yes.. just a bit
07:47:18 <anitsirk> have a nice day  / evening everyone.
07:47:20 <anitsirk> #endmeeting