08:03:36 <robertl_> #startmeeting
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08:03:42 <ghada> #info ghada-l is Ghada El-Zoghbi at Catalyst IT, Sydney
08:03:47 <sonn> #info sonn is Son Nguyen, Catalyst IT, Wellington, NZ
08:03:51 <anitsirk> #info anitsirk is Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst IT, Wellington, NZ
08:03:59 <robertl_> #info robertl_ is Robert Lyon, Catalyst IT, Wellington, NZ
08:04:03 <aarowlaptop> #info aarowlaptop, Aaron Wells of Catalyst IT, Wellington NZ
08:04:08 <yuliyabozhko> #info yuliya is Yuliya Bozhko from Totara Learning Solutions, Wellington, NZ
08:04:14 <nigelc1> #info nigelc1 is Nigel Cunningham, Catalyst IT, Melbourne, Australia
08:04:45 <robertl_> is that all?
08:04:51 <anitsirk> seems like it
08:04:55 <anitsirk> at least for the moment
08:04:55 <robertl_> ok,moving on
08:04:59 <robertl_> #topic Items from last meeting
08:05:18 <robertl_> #info aarowlaptop to investigate Gumby and Bootstrap a bit to make a final decision which CSS framework to choose.
08:05:43 <aarowlaptop> We went with Bootstrap. :)
08:05:56 <yuliyabozhko> aren't there patches in review already?
08:05:57 <yuliyabozhko> :)
08:06:02 <aarowlaptop> And the front-end development team at Catalyst has started working on porting the themes to Bootstrap
08:06:03 <robertl_> would you like to explain why?
08:06:03 <aarowlaptop> yep
08:06:08 <anitsirk> #info the CSS framework of choice is Bootstrap, the SASS version
08:06:41 <aarowlaptop> They're both pretty equivalent, but Bootstrap seems to have better community support behind it
08:07:03 <robertl_> sounds good - community support is always useful
08:07:10 <anitsirk> yuliyabozhko: i don't think so. they are working through a lot of things together and then submit when a bit more finalized.
08:07:34 <aarowlaptop> Pat and Naomi have pushed some patches into gerrit
08:07:41 <anitsirk> it's looking nice already with the changes they have made :-)
08:07:54 <anitsirk> oh sorry. missed them
08:07:57 <yuliyabozhko> https://reviews.mahara.org/#/q/status:open+project:mahara+branch:master+topic:bootstrap,n,z
08:07:58 <yuliyabozhko> :)
08:08:14 <yuliyabozhko> I haven't looked yet
08:08:41 <robertl_> nor I, will have to look at them next week
08:09:09 <robertl_> on next one
08:09:16 <robertl_> #info robertl to make forum post in the open discussion forum about the copy button on pages to see if people have other / additional ideas that should be kept in mind.
08:09:31 <robertl_> From the forum discussion
08:09:31 <robertl_> https://mahara.org/interaction/forum/topic.php?id=6630&offset=0
08:09:40 <robertl_> we decided to go with making a copy button be on the top right next to the 'edit this page' button and change the text of the edit button so we end up with [edit] [copy]
08:09:54 <robertl_> The copy button only to show if one can copy a page and the copying of the page will go to user's portfolio.
08:09:55 <anitsirk> #info we decided to go with making a copy button be on the top right next to the 'edit this page' button and change the text of the edit button so we end up with [edit] [copy]
08:09:55 <robertl_> If page is part of a collection it will allow one to choose, via dialog, which to copy.
08:10:20 <anitsirk> #info The copy button only to show if one can copy a page and the copying of the page will go to user's portfolio.
08:10:27 <anitsirk> #info If page is part of a collection it will allow one to choose, via dialog, which to copy.
08:10:45 <robertl_> I should hopefully have something up in gerrit for review by late tomorrow
08:10:56 <yuliyabozhko> I didn't participate in the discussion, but it sounds good :)
08:11:04 <anitsirk> #idea there were great ideas mentioned for further enhancements that we'll definitely keep stashed.
08:11:52 <robertl_> #idea there was talk of being able to pick which pages from a collection rather than 1 vs all
08:12:50 <anitsirk> hello brobeur
08:12:57 <brobeur> hello
08:13:01 <robertl_> #idea allow setting of copy destination - eg group/institution
08:14:15 <anitsirk> #idea i also liked the idea to make copying easier than having to do it just on the share page.
08:14:39 <robertl_> ok next topic
08:14:48 <robertl_> #topic feature freeze
08:15:05 <robertl_> anitsirk, you topic I beieve
08:15:14 <anitsirk> brobeur: it would be great if you introduced yourself to the group by putting "#info" at the beginning of the line. :-)
08:15:14 <robertl_> s/you/your
08:15:20 <anitsirk> yep. just a sec.
08:15:38 <anitsirk> #info Feature freeze for 15.04 is in the first week of February
08:16:05 <anitsirk> thus, if you are working on any features, they would need to be submitted by then in order to be taken into consideration.
08:16:31 <anitsirk> the sooner you get them into review, the better. :-)
08:17:11 <yuliyabozhko> I guess we should increase reviewing effort too?
08:17:13 <anitsirk> i think right now i'm talking only to catalyst people and yuliyabozhko so i think that's enough info.
08:17:27 <anitsirk> yuliyabozhko: yes. reviewing would be great.
08:17:48 <yuliyabozhko> cool. I am trying to spare some time during the day for that :)
08:17:49 <nigelc1> Ghada and I are working on support for 'SmartEvidence' and will hopefully be submitting some preliminary work in that area.
08:17:54 <anitsirk> there are lots of patches in. and also the first behat tests from the academy students :-)
08:17:58 <robertl_> now that academy is over I should have more reviewing time available for the bigger patches
08:18:05 <yuliyabozhko> awesome
08:18:32 <ghada> yeah, we need to work out why we keep overwriting each other's work when we submit a patch!!
08:18:41 <anitsirk> nigelc1: great. i also need to set aside time for that and other patches now to give you feedback. it's been a full few weeks.
08:18:44 <ghada> :-(
08:18:49 <anitsirk> ghada: what?
08:18:58 <anitsirk> i thought you split up your patches
08:19:00 <robertl_> do the patches have the same gerrit id in the commit messages?
08:19:16 <ghada> we did split them.
08:19:21 <nigelc1> We tried. But something strange was happening. Will look again soon.
08:19:22 <ghada> i'm not sure about the gerritid.
08:19:39 <ghada> you mean change-id?
08:19:47 <yuliyabozhko> yes
08:19:49 <ghada> the changeid is different.
08:19:51 <robertl_> yep - that the one - I couldn't remember name
08:20:13 <anitsirk> ghada's patch is https://reviews.mahara.org/4123
08:20:40 <ghada> yeah, so you'll see that patch 10 is Nigel's
08:20:44 <ghada> and mine is 11
08:20:52 <ghada> with completely different files and changeid.
08:21:11 <ghada> and different bug number.
08:21:21 <ghada> i'm sure it's something weird we've done.
08:21:45 <robertl_> the change ids look the same to me
08:22:03 <robertl_> https://reviews.mahara.org/#/c/4123/10..11//COMMIT_MSG
08:22:06 <nigelc1> They were at one point, but in the last couple of commits?
08:22:06 <anitsirk> bug number doesn't matter here. i wonder if it was something when you split the patches and they contained the first commit message when it was pushed as one
08:22:38 <nigelc1> Mmm. They are on that patch.
08:22:44 <robertl_> my link was the diff between patch 10 and 11
08:22:53 <ghada> oh yeah...
08:23:09 <nigelc1> I'll try again later.
08:23:57 <nigelc1> And make sure the change id is different :)
08:24:08 <ghada> me too...
08:24:23 <robertl_> #info patch collision can happen when change-ids are same for different patches
08:24:52 <nigelc1> We did try to make them different... shrug
08:25:18 <robertl_> ok next topic I guess will be next meeting/chair unless someone has a topic not listed in agenda
08:25:41 <yuliyabozhko> I have nothing :)
08:25:54 <yuliyabozhko> date first?
08:25:58 <anitsirk> robertl_: I have one
08:26:05 <yuliyabozhko> I can check if I can chair then ;)
08:26:06 <anitsirk> but that can be for any other business
08:26:08 <robertl_> anitsirk, go for it
08:26:13 <robertl_> ah ok
08:26:27 <robertl_> #topic next meeting date and chair
08:26:51 <yuliyabozhko> Feb 26th?
08:26:55 <yuliyabozhko> or is it too late?
08:27:19 <yuliyabozhko> when is the next release?
08:27:23 <anitsirk> april
08:27:30 <yuliyabozhko> ah, right
08:27:32 <anitsirk> that week is ui freeze
08:27:35 <anitsirk> so spot on :-)
08:27:40 <yuliyabozhko> cool
08:27:41 <anitsirk> https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/6MonthlyCycle
08:27:47 <robertl_> or should we push it out a little bit to allow for more stuff to chat about to accumulate?
08:28:08 <robertl_> or do people prefer the quicker meetings?
08:28:13 <anitsirk> our meetings do go a bit faster if we don't have so much ;-)
08:28:14 <yuliyabozhko> I should be around until April :D
08:28:25 <yuliyabozhko> anitsirk: agree
08:28:27 <aarowlaptop> I prefer quicker meetings :)
08:28:32 <yuliyabozhko> me too :)
08:28:39 <ghada> yes.
08:29:08 <ghada> so Feb 26?
08:29:11 <robertl_> ok then, either feb 26th, or Mar 5th sound good to me
08:29:19 <yuliyabozhko> either is ok for me
08:29:36 <anitsirk> either is fine for me
08:29:50 <robertl_> ok lets got with the first one then
08:29:58 <robertl_> feb 26th it is
08:30:05 <ghada> great.
08:30:15 <robertl_> same time again?
08:30:32 <sonn> Feb 26 is fine for me
08:30:33 <yuliyabozhko> yeah, works fine with everyone so far
08:30:41 <aarowlaptop> yep
08:30:41 <ghada> yes, it's a good time.
08:30:46 <nigelc1> k
08:31:00 <anitsirk> would it be again at this time like http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=41st+Mahara+Developer+Meeting&iso=20150226T08
08:31:35 <robertl_> #info The next mahara dev meeting will take place on 26 Feb 2015 at 8:00 UTC
08:31:54 <anitsirk> http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=41st+Mahara+Developer+Meeting&iso=20150226T08
08:32:16 <robertl_> so that leaves the chair position to fill
08:32:27 <robertl_> who would like to run the meeting?
08:32:32 <yuliyabozhko> I can do
08:32:48 <robertl_> yay yuliyabozhko
08:33:01 <yuliyabozhko> :)
08:33:15 <robertl_> #info yuliyabozhko will chair the 41st Mahara dev meeting on 26 Feb 2015
08:33:23 <ghada> thanks yuliyabozhko
08:33:34 <yuliyabozhko> np ;)
08:33:38 <robertl_> leaving us with
08:33:48 <ghada> drum roll....
08:33:49 <robertl_> #topic Any other business
08:34:05 <robertl_> anitsirk, you are up
08:34:08 <anitsirk> anybody else have something?
08:34:16 <ghada> no.. go for it.
08:34:16 <yuliyabozhko> nope
08:34:30 <anitsirk> #info Mahara Hui will take place for the second time this year. This time, 8-10 April 2015 in Auckland.
08:34:48 <anitsirk> #info Please submit your awesome proposal and attend. :-)
08:34:54 <anitsirk> https://maharahui.org.nz/
08:35:25 <anitsirk> that's it
08:35:50 <robertl_> cool
08:35:55 <robertl_> anyone else?
08:36:06 <robertl_> last chance ...
08:36:07 <aarowlaptop> not me
08:36:17 <ghada> nope
08:36:18 <robertl_> #endmeeting