08:04:33 <anzeljg> #startmeeting
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08:04:33 <dobedobedoh> I am here
08:04:35 <anitsirk> anzeljg: if i don't have moderator rights, i can't end the meeting ;-)
08:04:37 <anzeljg> Please introduce yourselves using #info command, so your introduction will be shown in meeting minutes
08:04:45 <anzeljg> #info anzeljg is Gregor Anzelj, developer and translator from Gimnazija BeĹžigrad, Ljubljana, Slovenia
08:04:50 <anitsirk> #info anitsirk is Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst IT, Wellington, NZ
08:05:06 <dobedobedoh> #info dobedobedoh is Andrew Nicols, Moodle HQ, Perth, AU
08:05:13 <mingard> #info mingard is Jono Mingard, intern at Catalyst IT, Wellington, NZ
08:05:31 <robertl> #info robertl is Robert Lyon, Catalyst IT, Wellington, NZ
08:05:38 <aarowlaptop> #info aarowlaptop is Aaron Wells at Catalyst IT in Wellington NZ
08:06:00 <anzeljg> anybody else?
08:06:15 <anitsirk> mingard and NameLess-exe were here just a few minutes ago
08:06:23 <NameLess-exe> huh?
08:06:36 <anitsirk> NameLess-exe: can you please introduce yourself for the meeting minutes?
08:06:45 <NameLess-exe> oh ok...
08:06:52 <NameLess-exe> #info NameLess-exe is Leo Xiong, 2014 Catalyst OSA student, Hamilton, NZ
08:07:03 <anitsirk> OSA = Open Source Academy
08:07:17 <anzeljg> that's everybody then...
08:07:20 <anzeljg> #topic Items from last meeting: dajan to gather some information from tutors and ePortfolio assessors to find out their needs in this area
08:07:28 <anitsirk> he was one of the three students who improved Mahara last week by fixing bugs.
08:07:41 <anzeljg> great.
08:07:57 <anitsirk> anzeljg: have you heard from dajan?
08:07:57 <anzeljg> back to the topic...
08:08:01 <anzeljg> dajan informed me that he would not be able to attend the meeting (family issues). He says hi to all of you...
08:08:17 <anzeljg> so moving to next topic...
08:08:29 <anzeljg> #topic Items from last meeting: sonn will look at which OS's & versions we'll be cutting off if we drop support for 5.1.
08:08:42 <anzeljg> anybody heard anything from sonn?
08:08:46 <dobedobedoh> #chair
08:09:02 <anitsirk> aarowlaptop: do you have an update?
08:09:04 <dobedobedoh> anzeljg: Can you run #chair please? I think I've added anitsirk as a chair
08:09:12 <anzeljg> #chair
08:09:12 <maharameet> Current chairs: anitsirk anzeljg
08:09:18 <aarowlaptop> Hm, I seem to recall that he did start looking into that
08:09:21 <anzeljg> thanx dobedobedoh
08:09:21 <anitsirk> thank you, dobedobedoh
08:09:25 <dobedobedoh> :)
08:09:26 <aarowlaptop> but I don't recall that he reached a conclusion
08:09:48 <anitsirk> ok. let's put it on the todo list for next meeting then.
08:10:38 <anzeljg> #action somebody should look at which OS's & versions we'll be cutting off if we drop support for 5.1
08:10:44 <anzeljg> ok then...
08:10:47 <anzeljg> moving on
08:10:49 <anitsirk> nah. let's leave it with sonn.
08:10:57 <anzeljg> #undo
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08:11:09 <anzeljg> #action sonn will look at which OS's & versions we'll be cutting off if we drop support for 5.1
08:11:13 <anzeljg> :)
08:11:29 <anzeljg> #topic Status of Leap2a import (anzeljg)
08:11:58 <anzeljg> this came up when I was coding support for user's social profile addresses
08:11:58 <anitsirk> hi rkabalin
08:12:03 <anzeljg> hi rkabalin
08:12:30 <anzeljg> I've successfuly coded the export, but then I realized that Leap2a import isn't working.
08:12:35 <anzeljg> what is the status on that?
08:12:36 <anzeljg> ..
08:12:50 <aarowlaptop> individual user leap2a import?
08:12:54 <anzeljg> yes
08:13:04 <aarowlaptop> It should be working. We tested it quite a bit before the 1.8.0 release
08:13:20 <anzeljg> scenario: user eports his/her stuff and tries to import that back (in same site or another site)
08:13:39 <anzeljg> it wasn't working for me
08:13:40 <aarowlaptop> Yep, that's the scenario I tested. Haven't tried it lately, but I could give it a try on master.dev.mahara.org right now
08:13:41 <anitsirk> does the content have the correct tags or whatever leap2a needs?
08:14:06 <anitsirk> hi tobiasz
08:14:13 <anzeljg> I could try this one more time and send any error or debug messages if there will be any (but that will happen after the meeting)
08:14:34 <anitsirk> anzeljg: is that related to your functionality or in general?
08:14:34 <anzeljg> i believe the tags are correct
08:14:36 <tobiasz> #info tobiasz is Tobias Zeuch, developer at the KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany
08:14:58 <anzeljg> anitsirk: first i've tried that with my functionallity and it wasn't working
08:15:17 <aarowlaptop> Hm, it does seem to be timing out when I try it on master.dev.mahara.org. Maybe there was a regression at some point
08:15:23 <anzeljg> then I've tried that without functionality on clean user account and different mahara instance - no luck
08:15:43 <aarowlaptop> oh wait, it finished
08:15:45 <anzeljg> hi tobiasz
08:16:00 <tobiasz> hi everybody, sorry for joining late
08:16:14 <anzeljg> aarowlaptop: i'll check again and i'll let you know. OK?
08:16:21 <aarowlaptop> thanks
08:16:41 <aarowlaptop> Probably there's something in particular in your export that is triggering an unknown bug
08:16:43 <anitsirk> anzeljg: if it doesn't work on your instance, it would be great to get the leap2a file that you are using
08:17:02 <aarowlaptop> Yes, quite often it's most handy to have the actual leap2a file that's failing to import
08:17:03 <anzeljg> anitsirk: ok, will attach that too
08:17:26 <anzeljg> one more question related to import/export and user's social profile addresses
08:17:51 <anzeljg> those of you who reviewed my code will know what I'm asking
08:18:05 <anitsirk> sorry, haven't had time to look at this feature yet. :-(
08:18:27 <anzeljg> if I use IDs instead of aervice names, how will those IDs be exported and mapped back at import stage?
08:18:34 <anzeljg> hopefully this makes sense...
08:18:40 <aarowlaptop> yes
08:18:44 <aarowlaptop> that does make sense
08:18:51 <anzeljg> ;)
08:19:05 <aarowlaptop> we were talking about using a surrogate key integer "ID" column instead of using the service "name" column as the foreign key
08:19:23 <anzeljg> aarowlaptop thanks for the explanation
08:19:31 <aarowlaptop> maybe the best thing would be to include the service URL in the leap2a export file?
08:19:43 <aarowlaptop> and then on import, check to see if there's a service in the import site that has the same URL?
08:19:55 <anzeljg> well, currently that is included in the export (will send Leap2a file)
08:20:07 <anzeljg> so that means, that I mapped it using service URL?
08:20:17 <anzeljg> mapped = map
08:20:23 <aarowlaptop> If the URL of each service is required and expected to be unique, that'd be the best way to do it I think
08:20:44 <anzeljg> great idea. haven't thought of it :(
08:20:47 <anzeljg> thanks
08:20:51 <anitsirk> aarowlaptop: do you know how the licenses work? there it's the same issue i think.
08:21:06 <aarowlaptop> oh yeah, there is a similar issue with licenses
08:21:13 <aarowlaptop> a site can have custom licenses
08:21:14 <anzeljg> i'll have a look
08:21:28 <aarowlaptop> and then you face some trouble when you import a leap2a with that license into a different site
08:21:41 <anitsirk> and the receiving site may not have a license set up that the user had on the old site, but it will still be displayed
08:21:56 <aarowlaptop> yeah, generally speaking the solution to the license problem would be to export enough information to identify an identical but separately created license on the destination site :)
08:21:58 <anitsirk> aarowlaptop: you shouldn't. that was the whole point.
08:22:19 <anzeljg> i think it's slightly different, but I will check it out. thanks aarowlaptop and anitsirk
08:22:44 <mingard> I have a feeling it's displayed as just a URL or an ID or something if you import it into a site without that license, but I can't remember exactly what happens ...
08:23:51 <anzeljg> i think this topic is finished
08:23:53 <anzeljg> moving on?
08:24:13 <anitsirk> anzeljg: do you want to set an action point for yourself?
08:24:13 <mingard> sure
08:24:33 <anzeljg> #topic Profile "General" tab should have better options (https://bugs.launchpad.net/mahara/+bug/1258067) (anzeljg)
08:25:03 <anzeljg> New version of Europass introduecs some new fields which I would really like to include in mahara core.
08:25:23 <anzeljg> I've prepared a mockup #link https://twitter.com/anzeljg/status/426225082000629761/photo/1
08:25:30 <anzeljg> what do you think?
08:26:20 <mingard> would be nice if the admin could configure the fields that are available - not everyone using it will have an occupation/industry and not everyone will be applying for a job ...
08:26:23 <anitsirk> looking at the bug description and the issue want to solve, i think it's still too specific for core because not all mahara sites will require these labels.
08:26:29 <anitsirk> europass is only used in europe...
08:26:42 <aarowlaptop> Right, so this would be the Content -> Profile -> General tab
08:26:50 <anzeljg> yes
08:26:52 <anitsirk> a configurable option would be better. that makes it more difficult for the export and import, but it is more adaptable.
08:27:04 <mingard> those do look like quite portable fields though - not europass specific by any means
08:27:28 <robertl> configurable field via admin would be best
08:27:30 <aarowlaptop> Do those fields make more sense under Profile, or under Resume?
08:27:35 <anzeljg> anitsirk: so you're saying that it should be configure by admin, which fields to show (including occupation/industry)?
08:27:40 <anitsirk> but the job references are not applicable to young school students.
08:27:59 <anitsirk> anzeljg: yes. maybe even institution admin if you have a multi-tennanted mahara. but definitely site admin.
08:28:31 <robertl> same with the 'messaging' tab I recon
08:28:41 <mingard> hmm, what should happen on import if those fields are configurable?
08:28:43 <anzeljg> aarowtop: if they are moved under resume, then we should move the entire Gerenal section i think
08:28:58 <anitsirk> we have nursing associations that need completely different fields. the ones from europass are not applicable to them. thus, we'd always need a config option.
08:29:07 <aarowlaptop> I suppose you're right about that, anzeljg
08:29:41 <robertl> the configuration could just be for display/not display so that import still populates the data
08:29:45 <anzeljg> I'm not sure about messaging section though. I think it sould stay under Profile
08:30:01 <aarowlaptop> Yeah, Messaging makes more sense under Profile
08:30:08 <anitsirk> i would only move the general tab (and rename it) to the resume. not the messaging.
08:30:25 <anzeljg> robertl: we are talking to dsplay/not display each field or whole section?
08:30:31 <mingard> it would make sense to me to move the general tab to resume, but adding another tab there would be pushing it (might require some extra stuff for accessibility)
08:30:32 <aarowlaptop> I agree with robertl, one thing we could do here is add artefact types for the Europass fields, and then add some checkboxes under the artefact configuration to allow the admin to show/hide them
08:30:55 <robertl> each field - like what aarowlaptop just said
08:31:15 <anitsirk> mingard: we could revamp the first resume tab with the cover letter and some general info and include the other info there.
08:31:17 <aarowlaptop> In the long run, we need to make it possible for the admin to actually define new fields... but that would be a bigger effort
08:31:58 <robertl> and import to create the fields if leap2a has them in
08:32:12 <robertl> mayb
08:32:13 <robertl> e
08:32:17 <mingard> anitsirk: ok, I think that approach would work better
08:32:21 <aarowlaptop> Yeah, the import/export side of fully configurable fields would be the tricky part
08:32:36 <aarowlaptop> oh, and supporting multiple languages
08:32:44 <anzeljg> the complicated part to be exact ;)
08:33:05 <aarowlaptop> but, for fields where it's just show/hide, that's not too tough
08:33:16 <anzeljg> agree
08:34:42 <mingard> also agreed - thinking about fully configurable fields, it might work just having an option to remap fields in your old profile into the ones in your new one, although it's more work for the users
08:34:51 <anitsirk> #idea move the "General" tab from "Profile" to the "Resume" as the fields apply there more readily.
08:34:58 <anzeljg> i'll try to make this then... to move general section from Profile to Resume and as anitsirk pointed out, under Resume's first tabe with coverletter as addtional fieldset (with admin configuration)
08:35:36 <anitsirk> #idea Offer more fields and not only Occupation and Industry as these don't apply for everyone. However, since we'll always have people not needing fields, the admin should be able to hide certain fields that don't apply.
08:35:44 <aarowlaptop> sounds good
08:36:16 <anzeljg> wouldn't it be better to have those fileds under employment and education, I think they belong there...
08:36:56 <anitsirk> true
08:36:58 <anzeljg> and name them something like "Education/Employment status"
08:37:14 <anitsirk> is it always a status?
08:37:32 <anzeljg> Hmm...
08:37:48 <anitsirk> i guess it depends on what field names will be possible.
08:37:58 <anzeljg> what should these fileds be called then?
08:37:59 <mingard> seems like they're pretty much another entry in the education and/or employment sections, albeit one that you would want to be particularly visible
08:38:09 <anitsirk> so far we have the current mahara ones and the europass ones. we could think of others that might apply and add them in esp. if admin can hide them.
08:38:24 <aarowlaptop> Well, when your resume is displayed to people, it's in a Page
08:38:28 <anzeljg> so they should be placed at the top without collapsible fieldset?
08:38:46 <anitsirk> i wouldn't place them at the top. that list can get quite long.
08:39:16 <anzeljg> so the remaining option is at the bottom?
08:39:48 <aarowlaptop> in regards to mingard's comment about these being visible, which tab they're on doesn't really affect their visibility on a Page. It just affects how the user finds them when entering the data into their own Content section
08:40:37 <aarowlaptop> I guess we do have to decide, when you do the "my whole resume" block, where in the sequence of the block they should go
08:41:19 <mingard> I meant they seem like they would be covered by an entry in the "Employment history" or "Education history" section - but one that you would want to be highlighted in some way
08:41:33 <anzeljg> between profile and education/emplyment history with the opition for users to not show that at all?
08:42:05 <anitsirk> individual fields from there need to be selectable like whether you want to show your first name, last name, email address etc.
08:42:32 <mingard> wasn't there a debate about which resume blocktypes are actually useful/necessary? but yes, displaying them above education/employment history would make the most sense to me
08:43:28 <anzeljg> they would be artefacts as they are now. they have to be selectable on individual basis, but grouped somehow at the same time - to be displayed together...
08:45:27 <anitsirk> #info when moving the "General" fields to the resume, they would be artefacts as they are now. they have to be selectable on individual basis, but grouped somehow at the same time - to be displayed together...
08:45:34 <anitsirk> sounds about right to me.
08:46:03 <anzeljg> ok, then i'll try to implement this... when is feature freeze date?
08:46:18 <anitsirk> first week of feb. that was going to be my other business ;-)
08:46:25 <anzeljg> ok
08:46:27 <anzeljg> ;)
08:46:46 <anzeljg> anything else for that topic?
08:47:22 <aarowlaptop> not from me
08:48:01 <anzeljg> #topic Next meeting and chair
08:48:29 <anzeljg> How does march 6th sound? at 20utc?
08:49:05 <anitsirk> i won't be available.
08:49:33 <anzeljg> end of february then?
08:50:33 <anitsirk> anzeljg: the moodle//mahara//moot is on in the last week of february. will be difficult to get those folks online then as the sessions start quite early.
08:50:47 <anzeljg> anitsirk thanks
08:50:49 <anitsirk> the german one that is.
08:51:10 <anzeljg> what about february 20th?
08:51:29 <anitsirk> sounds good to me.
08:51:34 <aarowlaptop> works for me
08:51:54 <mingard> and for me
08:52:22 <anzeljg> anybody else?
08:52:25 <robertl> sounds fine to me
08:52:47 <anitsirk> same time same place so dobedobedoh can attend as well?
08:53:16 <anitsirk> oh wait. 20 utc doesn't work for dobedobedoh
08:53:16 <tobiasz> february 20th doesn't work for me but I can read the log/minutes
08:53:32 <anitsirk> any day better for you during that week, tobiasz ?
08:54:06 <tobiasz> actually just friday 21
08:54:42 <anzeljg> 20 UTC or 8 UTC again?
08:54:51 <anzeljg> 8 UTC doesn't work for me...
08:55:02 <anzeljg> on friday 21 I mean...
08:55:44 <anzeljg> anitsirk: when will moodle//mahara//moot actually start
08:55:53 <anitsirk> 25 feb
08:56:04 <tobiasz> for me both hours are fine
08:56:20 <anitsirk> either works for me either day.
08:56:28 <anzeljg> do we have a lot of things to talk about or can we push next developer meeting to the end of march?
08:56:54 <anitsirk> i'd be OK with end of march.
08:57:23 <anitsirk> aarowlaptop and robertl_ and rkabalin and dobedobedoh and mingard ?
08:57:27 <robertl> it would be good to have meeting before next release - so late march should be fine
08:57:30 <anitsirk> and tobiasz ?
08:57:36 <anzeljg> what about march 20?
08:57:42 <aarowlaptop> sure
08:57:45 <mingard> should be fine for me
08:57:46 <anitsirk> anzeljg: no.
08:57:47 <tobiasz> march is fine with me
08:57:53 <anitsirk> that's our mahara hui conference day.
08:57:57 <anitsirk> no time then. ;-)
08:58:04 <anzeljg> march 27?
08:58:05 <anitsirk> march 19-21 are taken.
08:58:17 <anitsirk> 27th sounds good.
08:58:32 <anzeljg> is it ok for everybody?
08:58:35 <mingard> yep fine by me
08:58:47 <robertl> sounds good to me
08:59:02 <tobiasz> 27th of march fine with me
08:59:15 <anitsirk> 8utc would be better for dobedobedoh as it would be afternoon instead of middle of the night
08:59:35 <anzeljg> OK, so again 8 tuc?
08:59:41 <anzeljg> tuc = utc, sorry
08:59:51 <anitsirk> fine by me
09:00:15 <mingard> and me
09:00:17 <tobiasz> and me
09:00:30 <robertl> me also
09:00:31 <anzeljg> who would like to chair it?
09:01:14 <anitsirk> #info the 31st Mahara Developer Meeting will take place on 27 March 2014 at 8:00 UTC: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=31st+Mahara+Developer+Meeting&iso=20140327T08
09:01:20 <anitsirk> anzeljg: i can
09:01:30 <anzeljg> anitsirk thanks
09:01:39 <anzeljg> you've stoled my line though...
09:01:48 <anzeljg> i was preparing that info line ;)
09:01:51 <anitsirk> #info anitsirk will chair the 31st Mahara Developer Meeting.
09:02:09 <anitsirk> sorry, anzeljg . i thought to help out as you'll need to leave soon.
09:02:28 <anzeljg> 10 UTC... that's one hour away, but thanks
09:02:47 <anitsirk> oh 10 utc.
09:03:00 <anitsirk> we'll be done well before then. ;-)
09:03:09 <anzeljg> i know now... ;)
09:03:20 <anzeljg> #topic Any other business
09:03:26 <anitsirk> i have 2
09:03:33 <anzeljg> anybody else?
09:03:43 <mingard> I'll give a quick accessibility update
09:04:05 <anzeljg> anitsirk the stage is yours...
09:04:10 <tobiasz> I'd like to ask if there is any news about the messenger changes
09:04:10 <anitsirk> #info Feature freeze is in the first full week of February, 3-9 February 2014. See https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/6MonthlyCycle
09:04:10 <anitsirk> We will do our best to include any features submitted by then in the 1.9 release, but if it turns out that a feature needs a lot of reworking, we might exclude it from the 1.9 release even if it was submitted on time to avoid regressions or the introduction of bugs and getting behind with the release. Our releases are timed and thus, it would get into the next release, which would be October 2014.
09:04:45 <anitsirk> tobiasz: i think that anzeljg is working on that with the social media buttons / profiles.
09:04:53 <anzeljg> yep
09:04:57 <mingard> is there an actual date for feature freeze or is it just the end of that week?
09:05:05 <anitsirk> mingard: it's in that week.
09:05:14 <anitsirk> usually either thursday or friday.
09:05:16 <tobiasz> ok, thanks for the info
09:05:25 <anitsirk> we leave it a bit vague in case someone needs one more day. ;-)
09:05:33 <anzeljg> tobiasz: have a look at https://reviews.mahara.org/#/c/2936/
09:05:35 <mingard> I see
09:06:03 <anitsirk> any other questions for the feature freeze?
09:06:14 <anzeljg> not from me
09:06:53 <anzeljg> anitsirk continu with next AOB
09:07:04 <anitsirk> #info the first mahara conference in the southern hemisphere will take place in Wellington on 19 and 20 March 2014 followed by a one-day hackfest. Mahara Hui welcomes everyone to New Zealand. Hopefully, some of you can make it. :-)
09:07:20 <anitsirk> #link https://maharahui.org.nz
09:07:38 <anzeljg> sorry i can't make it. i've always wanted to visit NZ. someday perhaps...
09:07:55 <anitsirk> maybe another time, anzeljg
09:08:03 <anzeljg> hopefully
09:08:26 <anitsirk> that's it from me.
09:08:43 <anzeljg> mingard you said you have AOB?
09:09:11 <mingard> yes, I'll just mention how accessibility work is progressing
09:09:20 <anzeljg> great!
09:10:16 <mingard> in 1.8 accessibility is pretty broken with regards to editing and administration, but thankfully most of those issues were easy to fix and there are already patches merged
09:11:09 <anitsirk> #info currently, accessibility is not great for editing and administration, but thankfully most of those issues were easy to fix and there are already patches merged for 1.9.
09:11:38 <mingard> I'm working on some of the harder stuff (like getting a keyboard-accessible version of the drag-and-drop page editor working) at the moment so Mahara should be fully compliant with WCAG 2.0 level AA (and therefore the accessibility standards of most countries and administrations) in 1.9
09:11:57 <anzeljg> woohoo
09:12:10 <anitsirk> #info mingard is working on some of the harder stuff (like getting a keyboard-accessible version of the drag-and-drop page editor working) at the moment so Mahara should be fully compliant with WCAG 2.0 level AA (and therefore the accessibility standards of most countries and administrations) in 1.9
09:12:41 <mingard> as you've probably seen in the newsletter, Julius Serrano (also at Catalyst) and I have made put a summary of the current status on the wiki, and there's a blueprint on Launchpad to track the current status
09:12:42 <anitsirk> if you know of a file browser / explorer that is particularly keyboard accessible, please let mingard know.
09:12:48 <mingard> yes please!
09:13:08 <robertl> It's been great learning more about accessibility via reviewing the patches
09:13:14 <aarowlaptop> oh, that's why you were sent him that page with the list of filebrowsers
09:13:28 <anitsirk> unfortunately, it's not mentioned too frequently whether they are accessible or not
09:13:29 <anitsirk> yup
09:13:53 <mingard> yeah, not much luck there I'm afraid ... at least not with Orca, I might try a few of the better ones with Windows to see if the screen readers there are any better
09:13:59 <anitsirk> we are also planning on having a check list / cheat sheet on the wiki for developers to ensure that future patches / features are accessible from the start
09:14:29 <aarowlaptop> yeah, that's a good idea
09:14:31 <anzeljg> that is great and will be helpful
09:14:43 <mingard> yes, that should be available pretty soon
09:14:56 <anitsirk> #info accessibility will stay a continued focus and there will be information available on the wiki for developers to ensure that basic accessibility guidelines are followed when fixing bugs and creating new features
09:14:57 <anzeljg> #idea the plan is to have a check list / cheat sheet on the wiki for developers to ensure that future patches / features are accessible from the start
09:15:06 <anzeljg> #undo
09:15:06 <maharameet> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Idea object at 0x2cd7850>
09:15:46 <anzeljg> anything elae?
09:15:51 <anitsirk> mingard and julius serrano (our accessibility expert) have been doing awesome work since the beginning of december to bring us up to speed and compliance.
09:16:11 <mingard> happy to help, it's been really interesting :)
09:16:45 <anitsirk> :-)
09:16:53 <anitsirk> anzeljg: nothing more from me
09:17:06 <mingard> that's all I have to say, unless anyone has questions
09:17:12 <anzeljg> another *not so serious question*. After 1.9 will there be 1.10 or 2.0?
09:17:22 <anzeljg> :)
09:17:24 <anitsirk> anzeljg: i'm thinking of 1.10.
09:17:32 <aarowlaptop> Not the first one to ask that question ;)
09:17:34 <anitsirk> unless we revamp mahara entirely ;-)
09:17:57 <anitsirk> but maybe we should jsut go with full numbers: 8, 9, 10...
09:18:06 <aarowlaptop> yep, that's the current plan. Go to 1.10 on the next release, unless we decide to bite the bullet and do a big revamp
09:18:13 <anzeljg> like java?
09:18:30 <mingard> i'm curious whether we could start a 2.0 branch or something - would be cool to have a revamp at some point in the future
09:18:35 <mingard> although that might not be the best way about it
09:18:40 <anitsirk> firefox and chrome and others do that. or have 13.04 and 13.10 like ubuntu
09:18:48 <aarowlaptop> Yeah, more and more lately I've been thinking a 2.0 might be in order
09:20:08 <anzeljg> so basically it isn't decided yet...
09:20:12 <aarowlaptop> :)
09:20:17 <anzeljg> anything else? anybody?
09:20:20 <aarowlaptop> well, 6 months to figure it out
09:20:22 <anitsirk> nope
09:20:22 <tobiasz> I wanted to ask about the messages-to-multiple recipients patch that I commited in november, that ones not included in anzeljgs work, is it?
09:20:42 <anitsirk> no. that's different
09:20:56 <aarowlaptop> yes, that's separate. I've been meaning to review it for quite some time now
09:21:05 <aarowlaptop> maybe someone else should take a look at it since I haven't been able to get to it
09:21:54 <anitsirk> aarowlaptop:  i think you wanted to reveiw it also looking at the solution that angela has been talking about to see if some of that should go in / be merged.
09:22:03 <anitsirk> reveiw -> review
09:22:08 <aarowlaptop> Well, there's that aspect to it as well
09:22:50 <anitsirk> it would be good if you could take a look though i know you are stretched and robertl won't be available either over the next two weeks.
09:22:55 <aarowlaptop> indeed
09:22:56 <tobiasz> I'd actually be more interested on comments on a feature-level first, before talking about actual code
09:22:56 <robertl> I can take a look at it tomorrow - do a quick review to see if there are big problems
09:23:06 <aarowlaptop> thanks robertl
09:23:13 <tobiasz> ok, thanks
09:23:22 <aarowlaptop> Yeah, that's probably the best approach, especially since it's a rather large patch
09:23:34 <robertl> right, I can look it from that angle
09:23:41 <aarowlaptop> in terms of lines of code
09:24:02 <aarowlaptop> I mean, it's a patch with a lot of lines of code. So, better to look at the functionality first. :)
09:25:05 <tobiasz> which also makes sense when talking about integrating Angelas work
09:25:11 <aarowlaptop> yes
09:26:19 <anzeljg> anything else? otherwise i'll end this meeting...
09:26:21 <tobiasz> ok, another short question about the patch for the watchlist notification, should I do anything to get another review?
09:26:40 <tobiasz> https://reviews.mahara.org/#/c/2491/
09:27:01 <anitsirk> tobiasz: which one is the active one? https://reviews.mahara.org/#/q/owner:%22Tobias+Zeuch%22+status:open,n,z
09:27:19 <anitsirk> oh sorry. never mind.
09:27:23 <anitsirk> there is only one.
09:27:32 <anitsirk> a rebase would probably be good.
09:28:02 <tobiasz> ok, I'll give it a try
09:28:10 <robertl> yep - rebase the patch and I'll tryand look at that one too
09:28:16 <tobiasz> ok, thanks
09:28:21 <aarowlaptop> Probably the patch just got lost amidst all the others. If we don't respond, feel free to post a comment asking if anyone can take a look at it again. :)
09:28:38 <anitsirk> robertl: that would be a good one for stevens to verify
09:28:43 <tobiasz> post the comment in gerrit that is?
09:28:52 <robertl> anitsirk, good idea
09:29:07 <aarowlaptop> Yeah, on the patch is a good place, or here on IRC or the forum
09:29:17 <tobiasz> ok, thanks
09:30:04 <tobiasz> ok, that's it for me
09:30:16 <anzeljg> if that's all...
09:30:38 <anzeljg> #endmeeting