#mahara-dev Meeting

Meeting started by aarowlaptop at 08:01:15 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. anitsirk is Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst IT, Wellington, NZ (anitsirk, 08:01:49)
    2. aarowlaptop is Aaron Wells at Catalyst IT in Wellington, NZ (aarowlaptop, 08:02:03)
    3. robertl_ is Robert Lyon, Catalyst IT in Wellington, NZ (robertl_, 08:02:30)
    4. dobedobedoh is Andrew Nicols at Lancaster University, UK (just) (dobedobedoh, 08:02:47)
    5. sonn_ is Son Nguyen at Catalyst IT in Wellington, NZ (sonn_, 08:02:55)

  1. Items from last meeting (aarowlaptop, 08:04:44)
    1. to see about changing the channel operators on the #mahara-dev IRC room, and running his own copy of meetbot (aarowlaptop, 08:05:21)
    2. dajan - Dominique-Alain Jan coordinator of the francophone community (dajan, 08:06:47)
    3. ACTION: Aaron to see about changing the channel operators on the #mahara-dev IRC room (aarowlaptop, 08:07:12)
    4. anzeljg is Gregor Anzelj, translator & developer from Ljubljana, Slovenia (anzeljg, 08:09:25)

  2. Aaron to discuss switching to "asynchronous meetings" (aarowlaptop, 08:10:22)
    1. kabalin is Ruslan Kabalin, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK (rkabalin, 08:11:05)
    2. Keep developer meetings synchronously in irc. (anitsirk, 08:14:00)
    3. IDEA: Should we make the meetings less developer-focused? (aarowlaptop, 08:18:20)
    4. IDEA: one or two meetings a year where the focus is brainstorming new features (dajan, 08:23:09)
    5. IDEA: Occasional dev meetings that use Google Hangouts or BBB or other webinar software, rather than just IRC (aarowlaptop, 08:25:40)

  3. Dajan improvements to the Mahara admin interface for installing/deleting plugins (aarowlaptop, 08:28:08)
    1. added to https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Developer_Area/Current_Tasks (anitsirk, 08:30:39)
    2. dajan negotiating funding for the development work to get Patrick Pollet's CAS plugin into core (aarowlaptop, 08:32:46)
    3. CAS plugin https://github.com/patrickpollet/mahara_plugin_auth_cas (aarowlaptop, 08:33:20)

  4. Aaron: Exceptional cases when an approved code reviewer may push code directly without another reviewer looking at it (aarowlaptop, 08:34:04)
    1. 1. Cherry-picking of already approved commits, that touch relatively few lines of code, to other supported branches (if the cherry-pick applies cleanly) (aarowlaptop, 08:38:33)
    2. 2. Patches that only make changes to comments or documentation files but do not touch executable Mahara code (aarowlaptop, 08:39:05)
    3. 3. (Possibly) changes to development tools, like the pre-commit hooks and Makefiles (aarowlaptop, 08:40:02)
    4. 4. Patches to revert already-approved patches which have caused major regressions (aarowlaptop, 08:40:47)
    5. In the case of Item 1, the cherry-picked patches should be verified (this can be by the dev who is pushing them) (aarowlaptop, 08:46:58)
    6. AGREED: (aarowlaptop, 09:03:39)
    7. AGREED: : +2 Reviewers can commit things without getting review from others in the following scenarios: cherry-picking already-reviewed, cleanly applied, patches from one branch to another (though they should verify them on the target branch); changes to non-code files and to comments; Reverts to already-approved patches that caused major regressions (aarowlaptop, 09:06:04)

  5. Update on the 1.8 release (Kristina) (aarowlaptop, 09:07:01)
    1. Mahara 1.8 will have a lot of new features and lots of new Javascript that can cause a number of regressions and sticky points. Anyone who is interested in testing even only one feature or a work flow would be adding a lot of value to making the stable release a good one. (anitsirk, 09:12:24)

  6. Deciding the time and chair for the next meeting (aarowlaptop, 09:19:09)
    1. AGREED: The next dev meeting will be on 3 Oct, 8pm UTC (aarowlaptop, 09:26:25)
    2. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20131003T20&p1=1440 (aarowlaptop, 09:26:27)
    3. ACTION: Ruslan to chair the next dev meeting (aarowlaptop, 09:27:09)

  7. Any other business? (aarowlaptop, 09:28:11)
    1. https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Talk:Developer_Area/Coding_guidelines (rkabalin, 09:29:33)
    2. the coding guidelines require updating (anitsirk, 09:29:40)
    3. IDEA: rkabalin outlined changes at https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Talk:Developer_Area/Coding_guidelines (anitsirk, 09:29:56)
    4. Gregor has completed a profile completeness block (aarowlaptop, 09:44:16)
    5. https://twitter.com/anzeljg/status/375481998074068992/photo/1 (aarowlaptop, 09:44:27)

Meeting ended at 09:51:47 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. Aaron to see about changing the channel operators on the #mahara-dev IRC room
  2. Ruslan to chair the next dev meeting

People present (lines said)

  1. aarowlaptop (130)
  2. anitsirk (94)
  3. dajan (40)
  4. anzeljg (34)
  5. rkabalin (33)
  6. dobedobedoh (30)
  7. robertl_ (25)
  8. sonn_ (10)
  9. iarenaza (3)
  10. maharameet (3)

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