07:37:06 <aquaphone> #startmeeting
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07:37:36 <anitsirk> #info anitsirk is Kristina Hoeppner at Catalyst IT in Wellington, NZ
07:37:39 <aquaphone> Name yourselves
07:38:08 <elky> #info elky is melissa draper, catalyst IT, nz
07:38:12 <aquaphone> #info aquaphone is Hugh Davenport Catalyst IT
07:38:20 <anzeljg> #info anzeljg is Gregor Anželj, Gimnazija Bežigrad, Ljubljana, Slovenia
07:38:24 <aquaphone> #topic Items from last meetings
07:39:41 <anitsirk> #info anzeljg (with help from someone at Catalyst) will document PluralForms and their usage on the wiki
07:39:49 <aquaphone> #item anzeljg (with help from someone at Catalyst) will document PluralForms and their usage on the wiki
07:39:49 <anzeljg> Haven't done that yet, been busy translating Mahara 1.6 into Slovenian ;)
07:39:57 <anzeljg> Looked at the topic that richardm started. It's a good start, but will need improvements
07:40:03 <anitsirk> #info richardm had actually documented plural forms already at https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Language_Packs/Plural_forms
07:40:37 <anzeljg> improvements or extensions...
07:40:37 <anitsirk> so the basics are there and can be expanded on.
07:40:49 <anzeljg> anitsirk: agree
07:41:06 <aquaphone> Iarenaza is not here for second item
07:41:11 <aquaphone> So
07:41:11 <anitsirk> i have his update
07:41:36 <anitsirk> iarenaza apologizes for not being here. he talked to laurent and that's what laurent said:
07:41:41 <anitsirk> "I hoped I could be able to port the plugin last spring - between two projects - but unfortunately it didn't happen.
07:41:41 * anzeljg has to go and will return in 15 minutes
07:41:41 <anitsirk> The goal is still to integrate the plugin but it will have to wait a bit. We have some Mahara developments that will take place in the next few months, which are currently in the preparation stage. This will be an opportunity to integrate the plugin. Otherwise I should have a bit of time when we do the next update, maybe this spring.
07:41:42 <anitsirk> One aspect is the need to adapt the plugin to work with the new filter system, that will take a little more time than to do a simple port. In any case I've had a look at the docs to submit a change in the core. I've already done most of the operations but I find the process a bit cumbersome, especially if it is for ad-hoc developments.
07:41:43 <anitsirk> In any case don't hesitate to contact me (again) if you need any info - if I do not answer your mail is probably because it has disappeared into the bowels of my mailbox"
07:42:50 <anitsirk> #info laurent is still planning on implementing oembed into core, but has other priorities at the moment. it needs a big more work to work with the new filtering system.
07:42:52 <aquaphone> Excellent
07:43:26 <anitsirk> Just a clarification as I couldn't be here for the last two dev meetings. There was a discussion around the safeiframe feature, oembed and embedl.ly. Embed.ly is a plugin that anyone can install on their Mahara instance (no matter whether big or small), but it would not go into core as it could cause problems down the track if APIs etc. change (see Google Apps issues). It's not just for big installations. OEmbed is different as it is built on open
07:43:26 <anitsirk> standards and does not rely on a third-party server to operate to show embedded media files (as far as I understand it). That's why OEmbed is proposed for core, but not Embed.ly.
07:43:49 <anitsirk> ..
07:44:08 <aquaphone> That all ge passed on?
07:44:20 <aquaphone> Thats all of action items
07:44:38 <anitsirk> yep
07:44:43 <aquaphone> #topic mahara 1.6 release
07:44:49 <aquaphone> Anitsirk
07:45:01 <anitsirk> Well, since it's now just the three of us, not much to talk about the release. ;-)
07:45:13 <elky> Well, it'd be in the logs for the others
07:45:14 <aquaphone> Thought so: -)
07:45:33 <anitsirk> #info RC2 is out and there is one last thing (keep fingers crossed) that needs fixing and then we can release 1.6.
07:45:56 <anitsirk> elky: do you want to name the date?
07:46:37 <elky> aquaphone, have you identified the issue yet?
07:46:54 <aquaphone> Haven't fixed  but have idea
07:47:02 <elky> estimate?
07:47:28 <aquaphone> Tomorrow hopefully
07:47:29 * anzeljg is back...
07:47:45 <anitsirk> that was a quick 15 minutes, anzeljg :-)
07:47:48 <anitsirk> hi rkabalin
07:47:52 <aquaphone> Hi rkabalin
07:47:53 <elky> anitsirk, we might be able to get it out on Friday, but if not, it'll go out on Tuesday
07:48:02 <rkabalin> #info Ruslan Kabalin - Lancaster University, UK
07:48:06 <rkabalin> hello
07:48:27 <elky> hi rkabalin. we're discussing the eta for 1.6 :)
07:48:45 <rkabalin> ok
07:48:49 <anzeljg> reading through... a question:  is 1.6 release set to tomorrow?
07:49:01 <elky> anzeljg, Friday or Tuesday
07:49:06 <anitsirk> #info one last issue to fix for mahara 1.6 and release will be made friday, 19 October 2012 or Tuesday 23 October 2012
07:49:22 <anzeljg> Tuestad, 23rd?
07:49:29 <elky> Depending on the resolution of an annoying clash of responsive design and tinymce
07:49:30 <anzeljg> Tuesday i mean
07:49:46 <elky> anzeljg, yes
07:49:59 <elky> NZ has a public holiday on monday
07:50:01 <anzeljg> It would be great since I'm presenting Mahara and new features on Thursday, 25th...
07:50:13 <anitsirk> anzeljg: great.
07:50:18 <elky> excellent :)
07:50:44 <anitsirk> you could already present them on the RC as there aren't going to be any new features. but of course saying that 1.6 is out is much better.
07:51:02 <aquaphone> Right  that all for release discussions? Fri or tues
07:51:07 <elky> I will cry if it doesn't go out on Tuesday :)
07:51:29 <anzeljg> me too
07:51:32 <elky> aquaphone, yes, did i mention the point releases yet?
07:52:14 <elky> anitsirk, i accidentally skipped 1.5.5 and typed 1.5.6 into the release script instead :(
07:52:20 <aquaphone> Go for it
07:52:21 <anitsirk> that was it from me for the 1.6 release
07:52:26 <elky> please to not hurt me
07:52:55 <anitsirk> did you also skip it consistently for 1.4?
07:53:04 <anitsirk> ;-)
07:53:08 <elky> no, 1.4.6 was done already by that point
07:53:53 <elky> it was probably because simply arrowed up and changed a 4 to a 5 that it happened
07:53:57 <anitsirk> what's done is done.
07:54:12 <elky> aquaphone, wants to do some aggressive maintenance on the release script too
07:54:26 <elky> because it's not happy with gerrit permissions and a few other annoying things
07:54:59 <anitsirk> shall we move on?
07:55:06 <aquaphone> #topic Next meeting and Chair
07:55:09 <elky> #info point releases 1.4.6 and 1.5.6 went out today (1.4.5 and 1.5.4 went out last week)
07:55:21 <elky> oh, oops sorry
07:56:14 <elky> um. do we have a uk/eu person volunteering to chair?
07:56:24 <rkabalin> I can do that
07:56:27 <elky> yay!
07:56:41 <elky> and when's good for you?
07:57:07 <rkabalin> November 21st?
07:57:46 <rkabalin> at 20:00 UTC
07:58:10 <elky> suits me. anitsirk you don't have any travelling planned for then, do you?
07:58:19 <aquaphone> Thanks rkabalin
07:58:20 <rkabalin> does that sound good for everyone, I do not have a particular date preference to be honest
07:58:27 <anzeljg> fine by me
07:58:40 <aquaphone> Can you provide a #link
07:59:12 <anitsirk> fine by me
07:59:26 <anitsirk> http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20121121T20
07:59:58 <rkabalin> thanks anitsirk, I always stuggle to find a right menu item there to generate a link
08:00:22 <anitsirk> rkabalin: np
08:00:24 <elky> rkabalin, they have changed it recently too, it's all different
08:00:28 <aquaphone> #link http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20121121T20
08:01:05 <aquaphone> Any objections
08:01:10 <anitsirk> The prettier link is
08:01:11 <anitsirk> http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=22nd+Mahara+Developer+Meeting&iso=20121121T20
08:01:19 <anitsirk> that has a title now :-)
08:01:36 <aquaphone> Anitsirk  can you #link it?
08:01:51 <anitsirk> it should be linked because the link starts the line
08:02:18 <aquaphone> Not sure it works that way
08:02:22 <elky> aquaphone, the bot should be telling you what it's doing in a PM
08:02:24 <elky> #link http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=22nd+Mahara+Developer+Meeting&iso=20121121T20
08:02:27 <elky> just to be shure
08:02:30 <elky> sure*
08:02:37 <aquaphone> Elky  never has
08:02:47 <anitsirk> neither for me
08:02:50 <aquaphone> #topic Any other business
08:02:53 <elky> i must be thinking of a different meeting bot then
08:03:00 <anitsirk> nothing from me
08:03:08 <anzeljg> nothing from me
08:03:14 <elky> nor me
08:03:29 <elky> woot, 30 minutes!
08:03:41 <aquaphone> Batman is available for twig help
08:03:52 <aquaphone> Thats it from me
08:04:05 <aquaphone> Maybe more next meeting
08:04:07 <elky> by batman he means chris t
08:04:25 <aquaphone> #endmeeting