07:37:31 <elky> #startmeeting
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07:37:39 <hughdavenport> anzeljg: afaik, anitsirk was updating the existing ones, and any new commit was to have new format
07:38:10 <anzeljg> thanks hugh, we'll discuss that later ;)
07:38:24 <elky> #info elky is melissa draper, catalyst it, nz
07:38:39 <hughdavenport> #info hughdavenport is Hugh Davenport, Catalyst IT, NZ
07:38:45 <anzeljg> #info anzeljg is Gregor Anzelj, Gimnazija Bezigrad, Slovenia
07:39:14 <elky> kevinmoilar, we do this so we're introduced in the minutes. care to introduce yourself? :)
07:39:37 <kevinmoilar> #info kevinmoilar is Kevin Mueller, Liip AG, Switzerland
07:39:51 <elky> #link https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Developer_Area/Developer_Meetings/2012-07-31
07:40:17 <elky> #topic items from past meetings
07:40:21 <hughdavenport> waa lukecarrier jimcrib richardm adi_b lamiette dobedobedoh Mjollnir` sonn, any others ?
07:40:25 <elky> #topic dajan to raise appropriate issues in the tracker
07:40:35 <elky> anyone know if this was done?
07:40:43 <anzeljg> no idea
07:41:10 <hughdavenport> elky: which issues? do you remember?
07:41:26 <elky> nope. i got home minutes before the meeting
07:41:40 <anzeljg> iarenaza hi
07:41:41 <hughdavenport> hi iarenaza
07:41:47 <elky> iarenaza, hello! we've started the meeting if you want to #info introduce yourself
07:42:08 <iarenaza> #info iarenaza is IƱaki Arenaza (Mondragon Unibertsitatea)
07:42:15 <elky> :)
07:42:16 <iarenaza> Hi everybody
07:42:21 <kevinmoilar> hi
07:42:47 <elky> iarenaza, so far we're on "dajan to raise appropriate issues in the tracker" in the agenda, but we'll move on since nobody knows the status and he's not here
07:42:48 * iarenaza I'll be on and off, as I'm doing some work stuff
07:43:16 * iarenaza having a look at the agenda
07:43:42 <hughdavenport> http://meetbot.mahara.org/mahara-dev/2012/mahara-dev.2012-04-25-20.02.log.html has it
07:43:52 <elky> #topic anzeljg To put together a quick wiki page with some information (possibly code too) <= wiki page done, code not yet.
07:44:02 <anzeljg> yeah
07:44:03 <elky> #link https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Developer_Area/Specifications_in_Development/Cloud_Services
07:44:13 <elky> nice looking spec, anzeljg
07:44:18 <anzeljg> It shpuld be done a month or so ago, but here it is...
07:44:21 <hughdavenport> don't believe dajan's thing has been done
07:44:22 <anzeljg> #link https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Developer_Area/Specifications_in_Development/Cloud_Services
07:45:02 <anzeljg> i also uploaded a code to github... for testing (feedback welcome) and that has not been oficially released yet...
07:45:12 <anzeljg> #link https://github.com/anzeljg/mahara-cloud
07:45:42 <anzeljg> Currently Cloud plugin has support/integration for Box, Dropbox, SugarSync and Zotero
07:45:43 <anzeljg> ..
07:45:47 <elky> nice, we'll have a look at that between now and next meeting then
07:46:03 <elky> #info Currently Cloud plugin has support/integration for Box, Dropbox, SugarSync and Zotero
07:46:45 <elky> any other discussion needed at this point in time?
07:46:53 <anzeljg> nope
07:47:18 <elky> moving on then
07:47:21 <iarenaza> looks really nice anzeljg
07:47:34 <anzeljg> iarenaza: the spec or the code ;)
07:47:59 <iarenaza> the spec (haven't had a look at the code yet)
07:48:08 <anzeljg> i know, just teasing you...
07:48:28 <elky> #topic alanmc to post to dev forum post about the mobile api
07:48:35 <elky> #link https://mahara.org/interaction/forum/topic.php?id=4747#post20953
07:48:45 <elky> alan's not online but he did post that earlier today
07:50:11 <elky> hughdavenport, you've been working with him on that, yes?
07:50:44 <elky> i know richardm was doing lots before he left
07:50:44 <hughdavenport> nope, haven't done anything on his stuff
07:50:50 <elky> ah ok
07:50:56 <hughdavenport> though he was going to ask me if he needed help
07:51:03 <hughdavenport> only done gerrit stuff with him
07:51:16 <elky> one of us needs to review it before next monday
07:51:36 <hughdavenport> yup, will be on my list
07:52:20 <elky> #action hugh to work with alan on maharadroid/api stuff before feature freeze
07:52:51 <elky> #topic elky look into removing google apps block from the core
07:53:03 <elky> #info elky's not had a chance
07:53:44 <elky> #info should be noted that much of it would be replaced by anzeljg's cloudy stuff which is yay
07:53:53 <kevinmoilar> :)
07:54:05 <anzeljg> ;)
07:54:15 <elky> #topic elky/hughdavenport update code guidelines and extend it to other than php
07:54:28 <elky> I haven't, still. hughdavenport?
07:54:34 <hughdavenport> been on leave
07:55:16 <elky> i didn't notice ;)
07:55:45 * kevinmoilar wonders how to interpret the 'may be' in The API may be extended to support messaging and commenting on blogposts in due course
07:55:54 <kevinmoilar> on https://reviews.mahara.org/#/c/1439/
07:56:13 <kevinmoilar> will be a real boost i reckon, the messaging
07:56:19 <elky> kevinmoilar, pending time availability I'd guess
07:56:21 <kevinmoilar> and commenting
07:56:26 <hughdavenport> hmm, would have to ask about that with alan
07:56:38 <hughdavenport> elky: can you ask him tomo?
07:57:01 <elky> hughdavenport, yep, but i suspect he'll echo my answer
07:57:42 <elky> #info kevinmoilar concerned about non-committal regarding messaging/commenting support in api
07:58:01 <kevinmoilar> i hope i can motivate adi_b and the others to do a hackday once this crazy moodle migration summer is dealt with
07:58:14 <elky> #action elky to confirm plans with alan
07:58:52 <hughdavenport> elky: even if he just gives a general overview on how they may be extended in the commit message (and/or wiki)
07:59:05 <hughdavenport> would make it better if he suddenly dropped out
07:59:17 <kevinmoilar> huh
08:00:23 <elky> #info hughdavenport suggests alan give "a general overview on how they may be extended in the commit message (and/or wiki)"
08:00:55 <elky> anything else on this particular topic?
08:01:24 <kevinmoilar> any plans on iOS for this?
08:01:44 <elky> I don't think we have any iOS developers at catalyst
08:01:57 <kevinmoilar> neither do we
08:02:09 <elky> so it'd depend on a wild iOS developer appearing
08:02:11 <kevinmoilar> bar the phonegap etc
08:02:16 <anzeljg> communitiy developer?
08:02:17 <kevinmoilar> wild yeh
08:02:57 <elky> #info kevinmoilar asks about iOS support. answer; currently we don't know of an iOS developer, but if one magically appeared we'd not turn them away
08:02:59 <hughdavenport> I don't think it will happen at catalyst, as there is a cost to developing iOS app's (as well as dev cost)
08:03:09 <hughdavenport> apple charge you for using the SDK
08:03:15 <hughdavenport> because they are awesome
08:03:22 <kevinmoilar> we might be able to 'find' some funding from client who showed interest - but that its wild too a the mom
08:03:28 <elky> hughdavenport, as well as the poor thing being slightly out of place here ;)
08:04:11 <kevinmoilar> but yeah, not enough interest from our end to push this i guess
08:04:18 <elky> kevinmoilar, i suspect we could find finding, but unless it's big bucks, we'd want a pretty efficient dev to get it done
08:04:32 <elky> dajan!
08:04:33 <hughdavenport> hi dajan
08:04:39 <anzeljg> hi dajan!
08:04:41 <kevinmoilar> hi dajan
08:04:45 <dajan> hello
08:04:46 <elky> we are in the meeting, please introduce yourself :)
08:04:48 <hughdavenport> long time :P
08:05:03 <dajan> i am chatting with an ipad  so not easy
08:05:18 <elky> kevinmoilar, ok to leave the api discussion until we know more from alan?
08:05:28 <kevinmoilar> ok
08:05:32 <elky> we should go back to dajan's recurring agenda item
08:05:52 <elky> #topic dajan to raise appropriate issues in the tracker
08:06:07 <elky> I um, hope you remember what this is about :D
08:06:28 <hughdavenport> http://meetbot.mahara.org/mahara-dev/2012/mahara-dev.2012-04-25-20.02.log.html has it
08:07:09 <hughdavenport> hi rkabalin
08:07:15 <rkabalin> Hello
08:07:18 <kevinmoilar> hey rkabalin
08:07:21 <anzeljg> hi rkabalin
08:07:21 <elky> rkabalin, hello, please introduce yourself to the meeting
08:07:34 <rkabalin> #info Ruslan Kabalin - Lancaster University, UK
08:07:44 <elky> and so you know where we're at: http://meetbot.mahara.org/mahara-dev/2012/mahara-dev.2012-04-25-20.02.log.html has it
08:07:47 <dajan> ok  i will write in the tracker a few revommendations about extresource plugin to find a way to fusion Laurent Emprecht's plugin eith the actual external resources plugins we have nowadays in Mahara
08:07:49 <dobedobedoh> #info dobedobedoh is Andrew Nicols - Lancaster University, UK
08:07:56 <dajan> i do this next week
08:08:03 <elky> dajan, thank you
08:08:08 <hughdavenport> hi dobedobedoh
08:08:19 <kevinmoilar> hello dobedobedoh
08:08:26 <iarenaza> hi dajan and dobedobedoh
08:08:27 <anzeljg> hi dobedobedoh
08:08:29 <elky> #info dajan says: i will write in the tracker a few revommendations about extresource plugin to find a way to fusion Laurent Emprecht's plugin eith the actual external resources plugins we have nowadays in Mahara
08:09:11 <elky> how about we give the lancaster guys a few moments to get up to speed
08:09:25 <dajan> when i write eith on my ipad  keyboard i meant "with". sorry about that
08:09:27 <anzeljg> ;)
08:09:47 <elky> dajan, that's ok, my typing today is terrible even on real keyboards
08:12:11 <dajan> in short i thing we should find a way of having just one block to embed all the different external sources that works in collaboration with the code for iframe and the new interface for iframe existing in 1.6
08:12:49 <elky> dajan, we have to weigh up the maintainability of something like that though
08:12:50 <dajan> i hate this keyboard
08:13:44 <elky> #info dajan: we should find a way of having just one block to embed all the different external sources that works in collaboration with the code for iframes
08:13:59 <elky> #info elky: maintainability needs to be considered carefully too
08:14:12 <elky> rkabalin, dobedobedoh, up to speed?
08:14:56 <rkabalin> yep
08:14:58 <dobedobedoh> elky: Yes thanks
08:15:12 <dajan> yes i agree with you elky  But it may simplify the life of users and may also be more easy after to maintain for developers tho. if we find a way of doing it well it could be one stone two birds
08:15:24 <rkabalin> we talked about some universal embedding plugin on last meeting
08:15:40 <rkabalin> what dajan is talking about is the same?
08:15:55 <elky> rkabalin, im not sure if he's talking about anzeljg's thing or not
08:16:03 <anzeljg> no
08:16:07 <anzeljg> he's not
08:16:12 <dajan> yes with the addition of oembed
08:16:25 <rkabalin> I see
08:16:28 <kevinmoilar> rkabalin: dajan presented it at maharauk
08:16:37 <elky> heh. perhaps you two need to talk this out
08:16:47 <dajan> i did that to remember this
08:17:10 <rkabalin> ok
08:17:44 <rkabalin> ah, Laurent's plugin, yes, now I remember
08:17:47 <dajan> i write something in the wiki and we will see how you take it or not  see this next meeting
08:17:56 <elky> dajan, anzeljg could perhaps you two have a discussion some time in the next few weeks, in email or whatever, and work out where the similarities are and what the differences are?
08:18:18 <anzeljg> we did that already, i think
08:18:23 <dajan> with a coktail in Zurich maybe
08:18:26 <anzeljg> also discussed this with anitsirk
08:18:30 <anzeljg> ;)
08:18:47 <anzeljg> anitsirk suggested we keep embed.ly for the people on shared hosting...
08:19:16 <dajan> i see anitsirk next week in Fribourg (Switzerland) will have a chat with her about it
08:20:03 <anzeljg> nice...
08:20:43 <kevinmoilar> dajan: would be nice to see you too
08:20:53 <elky> #action kristina, dajan and anzeljg  to coordinate and extend anzeljg's spec to work out similarities and differences etc
08:21:01 <elky> is that ok with you two?
08:21:12 <anzeljg> fine with me
08:21:30 <elky> cool. the less confusion and double-work the better :)
08:21:33 <anzeljg> but i didn't write any specs on that...
08:22:23 <elky> anzeljg, i see similarities in what you two are trying to do. i want to be able to understand what the simliarities are so we don't end up having to decide between two pieces of code later
08:22:41 <dajan> kevinmoilar I am always happy to meet nice people  and i am a good traveler
08:22:58 <anzeljg> dajan: please let me know about your talk with kristina next week
08:23:12 <kevinmoilar> dajan: i mean in fribourg next week - anitsikirk is visiting us at liip
08:23:19 <dajan> i should be in Australia and may NZ in October
08:23:46 <dajan> i meet you at Liip by the way
08:24:05 <kevinmoilar> ? :)
08:24:09 <elky> ok, should we move on?
08:24:16 <dajan> yes
08:24:23 <elky> #topic Continued: Discuss safeiframe xss vulnerabilities
08:25:05 <elky> we were going to continue the discussion of this
08:25:20 <elky> i'm still not sure what we should do about it
08:26:55 <elky> anyone else's thoughts?
08:28:07 <elky> hughdavenport?
08:28:19 <hughdavenport> remind me?
08:28:20 * iarenaza re-reading discussion from last time
08:28:38 <elky> hughdavenport, the safeiframes stuff will let people define their own regexes and stuff for iframes
08:28:52 <elky> which could let anything in if they mess it up
08:29:10 <hughdavenport> I thought we came to the conclusion that it requires admins to enter them so wasn't really a flaw
08:29:29 <anzeljg> by people do you mean admins or also regular users?
08:29:35 <elky> admins
08:29:47 <anzeljg> i don't see a problem then?!?
08:30:01 <anzeljg> or is there one?
08:30:25 <iarenaza> the problem was that the site admin and the system admin might not be the same person
08:30:42 <anzeljg> oh...
08:30:45 <elky> anzeljg, it does mean everyone who reviews mahara for the security bounty is going to come to us telling us they can exploit it, and we get to tell them it's Not A Bug
08:31:01 <anzeljg> i see
08:31:17 <elky> it _is_ a vulnerability. We have to work out the best way to manage it
08:31:46 <iarenaza> so basically we want to let people whitelist sites, but in a way that doesn't open the site for XSS attacks. Which is rather difficult to do.
08:31:53 <anzeljg> is it possible to have some kind of repository for these iframe regex codes
08:32:06 <anzeljg> and these codes are review by someone?
08:32:17 <anzeljg> sort of plugins...
08:32:17 <elky> anzeljg, likely. whether we have the capacity to manage that is another thing altogether
08:32:18 <anzeljg> ..
08:32:30 <anzeljg> I am aware of that...
08:32:40 <anzeljg> :(
08:33:24 <elky> we'll just have to see how it goes, i guess. :-/
08:34:00 <elky> #info still no resolution about the best way forward. will need to play it by ear
08:34:29 <iarenaza> if you let admins add sites without additional checks, then you can't make it secure
08:34:33 <elky> anything else anyone wants to say or should we move on to picking next week's vict.. uh, chair?
08:35:05 <anzeljg> next week's???
08:35:10 <elky> month's
08:35:12 <elky> sorry
08:35:15 <kevinmoilar> my question too :)
08:35:16 <dajan> could we have a config variable in the config.php that gives will let decide if we show the interface in the admin screen or not  so we can decidecwhen/if thecselfiframe inteface is accessible
08:35:17 <anzeljg> ;)
08:35:41 <iarenaza> dajan: richardm suggested that at last meeting.
08:35:46 <elky> dajan, yeah, i think that's the best we've come up with so far
08:35:48 <hughdavenport> i like dajan's suggestion
08:35:55 <anzeljg> +1
08:36:07 <rkabalin> +1
08:36:16 <elky> the suggestion was to have it on a timer
08:36:24 <elky> so it'd unset itself after a certain amount of time
08:36:43 <anzeljg> can it be bound to a session?
08:37:11 <iarenaza> It's a nice idea, but don't forget that the underlying problem still remains
08:37:34 <elky> sure, but it's still not something that should be on all the time
08:37:53 <dajan> no  if the sys admin thinks it is a good thing to have this interface it set the config var accordingly if he stopscto think that he does the opposite
08:38:40 <dobedobedoh> dajan, elky: What about those situatinos where the sysadmin is <faceless hosting company> though?
08:39:01 <dobedobedoh> Or if the sysadmin is just a person who has put mahara on shared hosting
08:39:04 <dajan> in my institution i am the only sys admin and admin so i would prefere to set it up to always until i maybe have another admin on the plateforme
08:39:17 <iarenaza> dobedobedoh: if you have access to config.php, then you are good to go.
08:39:24 <elky> dobedobedoh, if you don't have ftp access, you're already facing those problems
08:39:36 <dobedobedoh> hmm ok
08:40:12 <iarenaza> anyway, the real problem is having malicious sites added to your trusted external content sites, not how you put that site in the list.
08:40:22 <elky> dajan, the purpose of this discussion is to make sure when it goes out, we've done everything we plausibly can to make the issue less of one :)
08:41:10 <elky> anyway, lets move on, i need dinner before midnight ;)
08:41:34 <elky> #topic Next meeting and Chair
08:43:09 <elky> August 28th (tues) or 29th (weds)?
08:43:19 <iarenaza> either one is ok for me
08:43:27 <anzeljg> either one
08:43:51 <hughdavenport> eithers fine
08:44:12 <dajan> Could we at some point (next meeting) speak about webservices I see a huge potentialvfor moodle and other services integration with Mahara but i think there is a lack of info and example on this
08:44:22 <rkabalin> I will be away whole august, but might be able to join actually
08:44:38 <anzeljg> dajan: webservices?
08:44:40 <dajan> either date for me
08:45:40 <elky> dobedobedoh?
08:45:57 <kevinmoilar> wednesday rather
08:46:01 <dobedobedoh> I think either are fine for me
08:46:15 <dajan> anzeljg, https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Plugins/Auth/WebServices/WebServicesConfiguration
08:46:15 <elky> and who wants to chair? :)
08:46:30 <elky> dajan, hold a second and we'll record this in the other business bit :)
08:47:10 <iarenaza> elky: I could do it
08:47:27 <elky> #info next meeting is wednesday August 29th 2012, iarenaza will chair
08:47:29 <elky> :D
08:47:35 <elky> everyone happy with that?
08:47:41 <kevinmoilar> thanks
08:47:43 <rkabalin> yep
08:47:43 <iarenaza> elky: what time?
08:47:44 <dajan> +1
08:47:44 <anzeljg> yep
08:48:06 <rkabalin> whole day meeting ))
08:48:06 <elky> uh... im taking it people would prefer half an hour later than today?
08:48:19 <iarenaza> elky: should be morning in NZ, noon in EU?
08:48:23 <lukecarrier> elky, that'd be brilliant for me!
08:49:03 <elky> oh, i'm really not with it today
08:49:44 <elky> i keep thinking it's the same time of day next time, even though i know it's not
08:49:53 <kevinmoilar> so 8 UTC?
08:50:14 <rkabalin> yes
08:50:18 <rkabalin> as usual
08:50:23 <iarenaza> ok
08:50:42 <elky> we should possibly discuss the times if people are wanting to show up but both times are not useful
08:51:00 <elky> #undo
08:51:00 <maharameet> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x11aa690>
08:51:15 <elky> #info next meeting is wednesday August 29th 2012 utc 0800, iarenaza will chair
08:51:27 <dobedobedoh> Time is fine... remembering is another matter
08:51:41 <dobedobedoh> I normally put it into my calendar, but completely forgot this time around
08:51:42 <elky> dobedobedoh, it'd help if the chair remembered to remind you a full day before
08:51:54 <iarenaza> Is this the right time? http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=20th+Mahara+Developer+Meeting&iso=20120829T10&p1=327
08:51:55 <elky> but the chair had a rough monday and forgot :(
08:52:08 <dobedobedoh> It'd help if sent an iCal-style invite around somehow ;)
08:52:25 <dobedobedoh> meeting-invite stylee
08:52:28 <rkabalin> elky, it should be 20:00, is not it?
08:52:28 <rkabalin> or we will make another morning one in a row
08:52:31 <elky> dobedobedoh, we could probably do something with google calendar, but it is a bit crappy for timezones
08:52:39 <dobedobedoh> is it? Darn
08:52:44 <elky> rkabalin, ... gah yes
08:52:53 <anzeljg> will have to leave...
08:52:54 <elky> dobedobedoh, it's fine if you're eu or us :D
08:52:59 <elky> #undo
08:52:59 <maharameet> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x1222f90>
08:53:05 <iarenaza> bye anzeljg
08:53:08 <anzeljg> bye
08:53:12 <kevinmoilar> bye anzeljg
08:53:17 <elky> #info next meeting is wednesday August 29th 2012 utc 8pm, iarenaza will chair
08:53:18 <rkabalin> bye anzeljg
08:53:35 <elky> anzeljg, bye, thanks for coming :)
08:53:54 <iarenaza> ok, so 8pm utc (not 8am). I'll fix the link
08:54:04 <elky> note to self: wine is not good for dinner during meetings
08:54:11 <elky> iarenaza, yes sorry
08:55:24 <kevinmoilar> sorry about all the fishing - will adjust the timer there. now off to other things, thanks for the meeting!
08:55:26 <iarenaza> Ok, that'd be the right one http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=20th+Mahara+Developer+Meeting&iso=20120829T20
08:55:41 <elky> kevinmoilar, thanks for coming :)
08:55:44 <iarenaza> bye kevinmoilar
08:55:59 <elky> #link http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=20th+Mahara+Developer+Meeting&iso=20120829T20
08:56:06 <elky> Ok... a quick any othe rbusiness
08:56:17 <elky> #topic Other business:
08:56:35 <elky> #info Mahara 1.4.3 and 1.5.2 went out a few hours ago, yay!
08:56:46 <iarenaza> got one (mainly to discusss with you elky :)
08:56:50 <rkabalin> yay indeed
08:57:04 <elky> #info security releases, fix for that mysql can't cope with lots of things problem
08:57:34 <elky> iarenaza, yep?
08:58:07 <iarenaza> I've got a patch for the mahara manual, to deal with internationalized images
08:58:19 <iarenaza> the makefiles and so on.
08:58:37 <dajan> in thecother business i can't copy paste my previous message regarding webservices but i would like with discuss this  at some point if you agree
08:58:40 <iarenaza> how can we move this forward?
08:58:49 <hughdavenport> i have to run sorry, will catch up with AOB tomo
08:58:54 <elky> iarenaza, yes, i saw that. i haven't had time to look at it yet i'm afraid
08:58:58 <elky> hughdavenport, ciao
08:59:07 <iarenaza> elky: I have a newer (and bigger) one
08:59:09 <elky> dajan, i'll do that for you in a sec
08:59:20 <dajan> t,x
08:59:26 <dajan> tks
08:59:46 <elky> iarenaza, i did have one quick glance at it, and my main concern is that it requires us to have all of inkscape on the server
09:00:00 <elky> and i'm not sure that our sysadmins are going to let that
09:00:54 <elky> iarenaza, hopefully kristina will let me look at it over the next few weeks, and i'll discuss with you by email, ok?
09:01:03 <iarenaza> ok
09:01:30 <elky> #info iaranza has a svg patch for the manual, will talk to elky in email about it
09:01:41 <dajan> i have to leave you  keep in touch soon by email forums etc  Cheers to all
09:01:47 <elky> #info <dajan> Could we at some point (next meeting) speak about webservices I see a huge potentialvfor moodle and other services integration with Mahara but i think there is a lack of info and example on this
09:02:01 <elky> dajan, ok, your thing is pasted now, goodbye
09:02:07 <dajan> bye
09:02:10 <iarenaza> bye dajan
09:02:17 <elky> I think i'll close the meeting now, everyone else is gone i think :D
09:02:22 <iarenaza> XD
09:02:38 <iarenaza> elky thanks for chairing!
09:02:40 <elky> iarenaza, i'm melissa@catalyst etc ok, drop me a mail and cc kristina :)
09:02:42 <rkabalin> thanks elky for chairing
09:03:07 <elky> #endmeeting