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Meeting started by anitsirk at 18:21:30 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. welcome to the theme / plugin repository meeting. (anitsirk, 18:22:04)
    2. Dominique-Alain Jan aka dajan, from Switzerland main French Mahara translator (dajan, 18:23:37)
    3. Thomas Bell - TDM developer (thomaswbell, 18:23:46)
    4. I'm Luke, a web application developer for TDM OSS. We do a lot of work around e-learning platforms...though this would be my first time working with Mahara (heylukecarrier, 18:23:55)
    5. Stacey Walker Catalyst IT Europe (lamiette, 18:23:56)
    6. anitsirk = Kristina Hoeppner from Catalyst IT in Wellington, NZ (anitsirk, 18:23:57)
    7. Laurent David from TDM. (laurenttdm, 18:25:13)
    8. I'm David Maitland I work at TDM and I am currently in the office with the other guys. I work here as a systems engineer and will be helping build the site. (dxd828, 18:25:31)
    9. IDEA: create co-opetition in the mahara theme and plugin making community (anitsirk, 18:29:57)
    10. Russell England (Russ) working at TDM as a PHP developer, been working on Totara LMS for 8 months, never used Mahara though :) (russ2912, 18:30:55)
    11. IDEA: : proposing developers a "Plugin/Theme toolkit" with examples and tutorials (dajan, 18:34:07)
    12. IDEA: rating system (thomaswbell, 18:37:50)
    13. IDEA: : start the repository with the basics: upload, download, rating, comments, search, simple UI and expand later as changes in mahara would be necessary for a tighter integration and automatic installation from the repository (anitsirk, 18:50:55)
    14. if downloading a plugin/them can be done without login, uploading must be made only by trusted users (dajan, 18:51:41)
    15. IDEA: long-term > gpg keys / sha1 or md5 checksums (thomaswbell, 18:55:14)
    16. https://wiki.mozilla.org/Drumbeat/Batucada (thomaswbell, 19:04:27)
    17. http://www.cmsmadesimple.org/ link to CMSMS anzeljg's suggestion (anitsirk, 19:15:49)
    18. http://themes.cmsmadesimple.org/ - link on Themes for CMSMS, so we can see how they handle it... (anzeljg, 19:16:49)
    19. if you want to be involved in the development of the repository, send your public key to luke.carrier@tdm.info to gain access to the git repo address (anitsirk, 19:32:39)

Meeting ended at 19:44:39 UTC (full logs).

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People present (lines said)

  1. thomaswbell (52)
  2. anitsirk (37)
  3. dajan (23)
  4. anzeljg (22)
  5. laurenttdm (8)
  6. heylukecarrier (6)
  7. dxd828 (3)
  8. russ2912 (2)
  9. maharameet (2)
  10. lamiette (2)

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