19:35:46 <lamiette_> #startmeeting
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19:35:54 <lamiette_> #topic Meeting Attendees
19:36:31 <dobedobedoh> #info dobedobedoh is Andrew Nicols - LUNS Ltd, UK
19:36:36 <anitsirk> #info anitsirk is Kristina Hoeppner from Catalyst IT in Wellington, NZ
19:36:46 <rkabalin_> #info rkabalin_ is Ruslan Kabalin, LUNS Ltd., Lancaster, UK
19:36:52 <richardm> #info richardm is Richard Mansfield from Catalyst IT in Wellington, NZ
19:37:02 <lamiette_> #info lamiette_ is Stacey Walker from Catalyst IT in Brighton UK
19:37:06 <hughdavenport_ho> #info hughdavenport_ho is Hugh Davenport from Catalyst IT in Wellington, NZ
19:37:10 <Mjollnir`> anitsirk: what did i do ?
19:37:22 <Mjollnir`> oh you're doing meetings
19:37:24 <dan_p_> #info dan_p_ is Dan Poltawski, LUNS ltd uk (on train)
19:37:28 <thomaswbell88> #info thomaswbell88 is Thomas Bell from TDM Ltd, UK
19:37:29 * Mjollnir` goes away again
19:37:30 <fmarier_> #info is Francois Marier
19:37:30 <bugg_home> #info bugg_home is Brett Wilkinsa from Catalyst IT in Wellington, NZ
19:37:39 <bugg_home> Brett Wilkins*
19:37:43 <ricardomano> #info ricardomano is Richard Hand from TDM Ltd, UK
19:37:49 <anitsirk> hi Mjollnir`: you were on the train once on your laptop and also walking down the platform with your laptop open so you could attend the first dev meeting :-)
19:38:50 <Mjollnir`> oh yes
19:38:54 <Mjollnir`> kevin made a photo
19:39:04 <lamiette_> right, is that everyone ?
19:39:12 <dan_p_> Are we doing the . Thing again, for new atendees?
19:39:20 <anitsirk> pxh was here earlier
19:39:23 <bugg_home> ?
19:39:26 <thomaswbell88> ! thing sounds good, what is thing?
19:40:06 <pxh> #info pxh is Piers Harding from Catalyst IT in Wellington, NZ
19:40:31 * pxh will be here for 20 minutes
19:40:33 <lamiette_> dan_p_: what is the . thing for new attendees?
19:40:36 <fmarier_> the . (on a single line) is to indicate that you're doing talking
19:40:48 <fmarier_> so even if you write a multi-line comment
19:40:59 <fmarier_> like this one, with enters between them
19:40:59 <anitsirk> pxh: that means we should talk about web services first?
19:41:12 <lamiette_> anitsirk: I agree
19:41:14 <fmarier_> then you can still indicate you're done
19:41:15 <fmarier_> .
19:41:22 <anitsirk> sorry fmarier_
19:41:39 <dan_p_> When you finish what you are saying put a . On line when done. So people dont need to wait
19:41:46 <pxh> anitsirk: can do  - was not sure what people want to know about it ?
19:41:51 <dan_p_> Argh sorry. Slowtyper
19:42:42 <dan_p_> pxh: There was. Some interest in web services at mahara uk, would be good to know what you are working on
19:42:48 <dan_p_> .
19:42:59 <pxh> .
19:43:00 <pxh> OK
19:43:07 <dobedobedoh> #topic MNet future -- We're adding Web Services to 1.5
19:43:16 <pxh> so the basic are:
19:43:18 <dobedobedoh> hmm no power;)
19:43:31 <lamiette_> #topic MNet future -- We're adding Web Services to 1.5
19:43:33 <pxh> documentation is at https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Plugins/Artefact/WebServices
19:43:43 <fmarier_> #link https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Plugins/Artefact/WebServices
19:44:08 <pxh> I farmed it out into an artefact plugin because it is directly derived from Moodle web services in 2.x
19:45:19 <pxh> it follows the pattern of Moodle Web Services quite closely in terms of authentication via tokens or username/password, and it's use of Zend web services
19:46:05 <rkabalin_> So, it can potentially replace Mnet feature?
19:46:06 <pxh> features are:  SOAP, REST (really just basic HTTP post parameters or JSON), and XML-RPC
19:46:36 <pxh> Auth via WSEE for SOAP, as well as the tokens/users (as mentioned before)
19:47:13 <pxh> it's plugable - as in it searches for externallib.php, and service.php definition files (like Moodle) at upgrade
19:47:26 <dan_p_> But Moodle web services are (supposed to be) pluggable, is the same true here
19:47:37 <pxh> rkabalin_: I would hope that it could quite easily replace mnet if needed
19:47:41 <dan_p_> Grr, sorry
19:47:45 * rkabalin_ sorry for interrupting
19:47:58 <pxh> yes dan_p - it is
19:48:36 <pxh> more features: has example commandline clients, and I'm just about to commit an interactive web based test client
19:48:42 <dan_p_> Are there advantages/limitations of making it a plugin itself?
19:48:47 <pxh> this was for the Ministry of Education NZ
19:49:08 <pxh> they wanted SOAP, but I wanted the rest (pun intended)
19:49:29 <fmarier_> pxh: nice one :)
19:49:41 <anitsirk> lol. you probably need it as well ;-)
19:49:52 <rkabalin_> It also can be used as API for various remote user/group/institution management tasks
19:49:58 <dan_p_> Harsh!
19:50:00 <pxh> from the MoE point of iew the main thing missing is signatures and encryption from WSSE - but nobody uses it
19:50:11 <pxh> ... but they are a guvament department
19:50:44 <pxh> yup - rkabalin_ - should have said that - there are 19 functions in the API already
19:50:56 <rkabalin_> that is cool
19:51:22 <Mjollnir`> why an artefact plugin and not a new top level plugin type ?
19:51:24 <pxh> and - to finish - I want to add OAuth as that will open it up properly to 3rd party dev
19:51:25 <pxh> .
19:51:28 <Mjollnir`> not that i really have any say :)
19:51:45 <pxh> Mjollnir`: ignorance probably
19:51:55 <bugg_home> pxh, can it talk to moodle (2.x) via this API?
19:52:00 <richardm> Mjollnir`: time constraints, we'll be moving it
19:52:27 <pxh> Mjollnir`: ... on my part that is
19:52:55 <Mjollnir`> is it really less work to make it an artefact plugin and have to implement contracts that you don't need than make a new top level plugin ? eh, maybe i dunno
19:52:59 <Mjollnir`> :)
19:53:19 * dan_p_ alighting train, connectivity unknown
19:53:24 <pxh> bugg_home: I haven't had time to test this yet - one of the things I wanted to do was to try and get it talking over the Moodle hub (in a limited way) but I'm still trying to deliver the original requirement to the MoE
19:54:27 <pxh> .. as they are paying for it at the moment
19:54:29 <lamiette_> pxh: so it's derived from Moodle 2.x but tested/written to work with 1.9 only at this stage?
19:56:14 <pxh> lamiette_: I haven't got as far as integration testing  etc. with Moodle yet - once I get the MoE requirement behind me - I can look at making this useful to the wider Mahara community
19:56:25 <lamiette_> awesome
19:57:13 <dobedobedoh> pxh: Sounds good
19:57:18 <rkabalin_> yeah, that sounds great
19:57:21 <pxh> but anyway - useful things would be OAuth, and  MNet replacement
19:57:23 <dobedobedoh> Look forward to reviewing on gerrit for master ;)
19:57:36 <lamiette_> #info pxh has writtten a web services framework, based on the Moodle 2.0 web services Further information at https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Plugins/Artefact/WebServices
19:57:46 <lamiette_> (sorry guys, i'm a bit slow on this chairing thing!)
19:58:01 <anitsirk> the first lms to integrate it with is not moodle to ensure that the api also works with others as mahara and moodle are closer to each other than mahara and another system
19:58:02 <rkabalin_> so with one feature we can potentially resolve two issues: Mnet and API
19:59:00 <lamiette_> #info pxh> features are:  SOAP, REST (really just basic HTTP post parameters or JSON), and XML-RPC
19:59:14 <lamiette_> #info Auth via WSEE for SOAP, as well as the tokens/users (as mentioned before)
19:59:23 <dobedobedoh> pxh: When do you expect to submit this, and are you hoping to have it in 1.5?
20:00:38 <lamiette_> any more questions for pxh ?
20:00:41 <pxh> dobedobedoh: it needs work on cleaning the code base out - removing unnecessary cruft from the Moodle base - then it needs some fairly critical review
20:00:46 * rkabalin_ thinks it is already in contrib
20:01:19 <pxh> rkabalin_ yup - in contrib
20:01:28 <pxh> .. but not in core
20:01:34 <dobedobedoh> Cool. Hadn't seen it
20:01:47 * dobedobedoh has no further questions
20:01:58 <pxh> .. if it were to go in core then it would be moved out of being an artefact plugin
20:02:08 <lamiette_> righto, we're half an hour through and pxh said he had to move on at 20minutes
20:02:26 <pxh> plugin is at https://gitorious.org/mahara-contrib/artefact-webservice
20:02:38 <lamiette_> #link https://gitorious.org/mahara-contrib/artefact-webservice
20:02:53 <lamiette_> #info available as a contrib plugin
20:02:53 <pxh> lamiette_: thought I was on duty to take kids to school - but Marysia is doing it
20:03:07 <lamiette_> lucky :)
20:03:31 <lamiette_> rkabalin_: did you want to talk about the future of MNET while we're on a similar topic?
20:03:39 <lamiette_> or was that just a lead in to pxh web service?
20:04:30 <rkabalin_> Yep, a sort of, I was just going to rise the issue and notify that we have to start thinking about Mnet stuff
20:04:58 <lamiette_> I shall topic it and you can have the stage
20:05:12 <rkabalin_> not really needed
20:05:20 <lamiette_> okay ...
20:05:21 <rkabalin_> since we covered it in this discussion
20:05:38 <rkabalin_> ..
20:05:38 <lamiette_> I'm going to info something though :P
20:06:14 <lamiette_> #info we have to start thinking about Mnet stuff: largely due to this from Moodle HQ http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=175158
20:06:25 <lamiette_> right, is that all for MNET and web services?
20:06:37 <pxh> that's all from me
20:06:44 <rkabalin_> yep
20:06:58 <lamiette_> #topic Bug status proposal
20:07:05 <lamiette_> fmarier_: this one was yours
20:07:49 <fmarier_> ok, so let me start with the milestone thing
20:08:08 <fmarier_> so far, we've used milestones on the tracker for two things
20:08:31 <fmarier_> 1- as a bit of a TODO list for the upcoming release (that is, bugs that have a milestone but aren't done yet)
20:09:06 <fmarier_> 2- as a changelog or a detailed version of the release notes (once the release is done and the bugs are fixed)
20:09:26 <fmarier_> to make this more useful for #2, I'd like to propose the following
20:10:02 <fmarier_> we omit from the milestone bugs that don't apply to the stable releases
20:10:24 <fmarier_> so for example, if you add a new feature (say sitemaps) and they have a bug,
20:10:49 <fmarier_> then the fixup bug doesn't retain the 1.5 milestone when it's fixed
20:11:41 <fmarier_> the original feature bug goes onto the 1.5 milestone of course because it's one of the relevant changes from the stable branches, but the bug that got fixed in it isn't very relevant to people upgrading from 1.4
20:12:12 <lamiette_> #info milestones have been used for marking bugs to upcoming releases and as for a changelog/detailed version of the release notes
20:12:15 <fmarier_> in that case, you'd just mark the bug as "fix released" without a milestone
20:12:15 <lamiette_> fmarier_: makes sense to me
20:12:31 <fmarier_> because when you use "fix committed", you must specify a milestone
20:12:42 <dobedobedoh> So the milestone is more for bugs fixed since the last release, rather than aimed for the next
20:12:55 <fmarier_> otherwise the bug gets into that state and isn't listed anywhere so nobody remembers to flick it to fix released once 1.5 is out :)
20:13:03 <fmarier_> dobedobedoh: it's for both
20:13:27 <dobedobedoh> Ah I see
20:13:28 <fmarier_> but once a bug is fixed, you can remove the milestone if it doesn't make sense to have it stick around
20:13:30 <lamiette_> #info suggestion: for better changelog only mark main feature bugs with the milestone and any follow up fixes to that feature just as "fix committed" ommiting the milestone
20:13:47 <fmarier_> lamiette_: that's slightly wrong
20:13:50 <lamiette_> oh
20:13:55 <lamiette_> I misunderstood then sorry
20:14:03 <fmarier_> we mark ALL new features against the milestone
20:14:10 <fmarier_> and all bug fixes that apply to 1.4
20:14:12 <lamiette_> #undo
20:14:12 <maharameet> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x876ab4c>
20:14:22 <fmarier_> it's the bugs that only affect master that don't need to go on there
20:14:35 <fmarier_> for example, we broke the creation of new institutions recently
20:14:51 <fmarier_> but that doesn't need to be in our release notes, because we've never release a version of mahara with that bug
20:15:12 <fmarier_> so we would mark it as "fix release" with no milestone once it's been merged
20:15:13 <fmarier_> .
20:15:25 <rkabalin_> I see fmarier_
20:16:31 <rkabalin_> so basically all new features and previous relese fixes are marked with milestone
20:16:31 <fmarier_> so anyways, i want to run it past all of you to see if you have any objections
20:17:15 <fmarier_> richardm brought something up: if you change a new feature in a significant way, then that should probably also have the milestone set so that it's visible
20:17:45 <lamiette_> fmarier_: yup
20:17:49 <fmarier_> but if you're just fixing it so that it does what it was supposed to do in the first place when you merged it on master, then it's probably not worth it
20:17:55 <fmarier_> .
20:18:10 <fmarier_> rkabalin_: yes
20:18:11 <richardm> i'd also suggest we could take care of thta case by repoening the feature bug
20:18:30 <fmarier_> richardm: true
20:19:05 <lamiette_> richardm: so in the case (using something I know) of dropdowns we could open the existing feature bug again for the inst membership navigation move to Groups yeah?
20:19:22 <richardm> lamiette_: yeah, that's a good idea
20:19:25 <lamiette_> sweet
20:19:28 <fmarier_> sounds good
20:19:47 <richardm> sometimes if it's a regression we don't know what feature caused it though :(
20:20:14 <lamiette_> richardm: I suppose this only works for things we know then, but that'd at least take care of a fair amount
20:20:33 <fmarier_> richardm: if you know it's only on master, then you don't need the milestone
20:21:16 <lamiette_> so everyone understand/ in agreement?
20:21:29 <fmarier_> what i'm suggesting is a guideline, we can see how it goes and adjust if anything we haven't thought about pops up
20:21:34 <lamiette_> fmarier_: will you document this? :)
20:21:49 <fmarier_> yes, i'll update the bug status page if everybody agrees
20:21:59 <rkabalin_> I like reopening idea, we will have less bugs then and it will be easier to follow all the stuff related to the particular featute
20:22:09 <rkabalin_> I agree
20:22:45 <lamiette_> #action fmarier_ to update the bug status page with new "milestone" usage guidelines
20:23:08 <rkabalin_> less issues on the tracker I mean
20:23:12 <lamiette_> fmarier_: you had a couple more points in that list?
20:23:24 <fmarier_> the other minor point i had in there was that all new features added to master should have a bug on the tracker
20:23:35 <fmarier_> that will help heaps when we write the release notes for 1.5 :)
20:23:36 <dobedobedoh> agreed
20:23:51 <lamiette_> yup, agreed
20:23:53 <rkabalin_> makes sense
20:24:01 <dobedobedoh> I was also going to suggest that we add a Makefile target to check that they're also specified in the commit message
20:24:07 <richardm> agree (even though i'm a serial offender)
20:24:09 <dobedobedoh> In a specific format
20:24:19 <lamiette_> dobedobedoh: that's on fmarier_ 's list :)
20:24:24 * dobedobedoh added it there ;)
20:24:31 <lamiette_> ohhhhh I seee
20:24:38 <fmarier_> dobedobedoh: that would however imply that every commit needs a bug number, right?
20:24:47 <fmarier_> which we haven't enforced so far
20:24:52 <dobedobedoh> Correct
20:25:00 <dobedobedoh> I thought that the two would go pretty much hand-in-hand
20:25:04 <fmarier_> do people want that?
20:25:18 <lamiette_> #info every new feature on master should have a bug report associated with it
20:25:25 <fmarier_> i personnally can see that for some small commits, it's a bit overkill
20:25:29 <fmarier_> (like a typo fix)
20:25:35 <hughdavenport_ho> sortof makes sense
20:25:45 <richardm> I'm less keen on forcing bug numbers for every commit
20:25:50 <dobedobedoh> I think it would really help with the changelogs -- as I understand (and correct me if I'm wrong), it would automatically fill the changelog -- https://launchpad.net/mahara/1.4/1.4.0 under "View the full changelog"
20:25:50 <bugg_home> it'd be a good rule of thumb, but not something to actively enforce
20:25:58 <dobedobedoh> Fair enough
20:26:04 <hughdavenport_ho> small fixes can just be tagged to a default bug of say "Fix typos" etc
20:26:17 <richardm> dobedobedoh: i thnk it's the milestones that fill the changelog
20:26:24 <fmarier_> yeah perhaps it should be actively requested by reviewers
20:26:35 <fmarier_> except for trivial cases
20:26:51 <lamiette_> fmarier_: if we do that we could see how often bug numbers are requested and used
20:26:54 <hughdavenport_ho> we could put it in the minaccept check, and then discard it if it's trivial
20:26:55 <dobedobedoh> Perhaps that's a better solution -- reviewers requesting it
20:27:00 <lamiette_> and if it's then worth making it an enforcement etc
20:27:23 <dobedobedoh> Or, if it is trivial, using something like (minorbug) instead of (bug #xyz)
20:27:24 <dobedobedoh> but better
20:27:24 <dobedobedoh> .
20:27:59 <rkabalin_> dobedobedoh: yeah, I like minorbug idea
20:28:06 <fmarier_> to me, it seems similar to: -1, your commit message doesn't really explain what you did
20:28:22 <fmarier_> it's a subjective thing that relies on the reviewer's good judgment
20:28:52 <richardm> I think it's also overkill when you have a series of commits for 1 feature
20:28:53 <bugg_home> I'm happy to leave it up to the reviewer
20:29:04 <richardm> it doesn't always make sense to use the same bug number
20:29:17 <richardm> (but maybe you need to create another bug at that point)
20:29:28 <bugg_home> richardm: agreed.
20:29:57 <lamiette_> right, lets move on yeah?
20:30:26 <dobedobedoh> I don't mind either way, but I think that we should be actively trying to encourage use of bug #s so reviewers demanding works for me :)
20:30:27 <fmarier_> do we have agreement on being stricter about forgotten bug numbers without making it mandatory?
20:30:43 <richardm> yes, agree
20:30:46 <fmarier_> (mandatory for new features though)
20:30:49 <dobedobedoh> yup
20:31:00 <rkabalin_> agree
20:31:03 <lamiette_> yup
20:31:10 <hughdavenport_ho> yes
20:31:14 <bugg_home> yes
20:32:02 <lamiette_> #info reviewers to be stricter about suitable bug numbers for features submitted to gerrit - isn't mandatory though
20:32:26 <lamiette_> right, a quick topic now:
20:32:31 <lamiette_> #topic MaharaUK2011
20:32:40 <lamiette_> seeing as this just happened
20:33:00 <lamiette_> i wanted to bring it to attention in case anyone had anything interesting to say about it
20:33:48 <lamiette_> one rumor i've heard from it is that we're going to have a northern UK maharauk12 ;)
20:34:02 <dobedobedoh> That's the plan
20:34:29 <dobedobedoh> LUNS and TDM have both offered to host maharauk, so we've suggested that 12 is in Lancaster, hosted by LUNS
20:34:35 <dobedobedoh> and 13 is in the West Midlands, hosted by TDM
20:34:46 <thomaswbell88> I don't think its a underground secret, but it's planned  ... as above :P
20:34:58 <lamiette_> #info LUNS and TDM have both offered to host maharauk, so we've suggested that 12 is in Lancaster, hosted by LUNS and 13 is in the West Midlands, hosted by TDM
20:35:06 <dobedobedoh> We're waiting for feedback from the governance group as far as I understand
20:35:18 <lamiette_> sweet
20:35:24 <anitsirk> sam told me that meredith and roger are writing the conference report. lamiette_ do you have any idea if there is a 100 words or so in it for the newsletter (out tomorrow) or shall i just write that it happened at that the report will be on the web site soon?
20:35:28 <anitsirk> .
20:35:30 <lamiette_> other things were:
20:35:39 <lamiette_> great interest in skins from lots of people
20:35:51 <thomaswbell88> There was also talk about some entity hosting online 'conferences' inbetween during the year
20:35:58 <thomaswbell88> .
20:36:20 <bugg_home> thomaswbell88: webinar type things?
20:36:33 <lamiette_> and anitsirk's what was it 22.5 million ways to get involved (?) being quite a popular discussion
20:37:01 <thomaswbell88> yep, it was asked as a question by a delegate and followed up with a few, mmm's and arrr's
20:37:30 <lamiette_> anitsirk: not sure, but I can check with them tomorrow morning
20:37:33 * dobedobedoh has a list of feature ideas that he thought up during the conference to add to the tracker
20:37:40 <lamiette_> anitsirk: newsletter for tomorrow NZ time yeah?
20:38:08 * lamiette_ and paul did the navigation dropdown thing while at the conference
20:38:12 <anitsirk> haven't heard back from meredith yet. yep, NZ time. so your tomorrow morning would still be fine if the text comes through with it. just 100-150 words though please. that's enough.
20:38:18 <lamiette_> inspired by thomaswbell88's page editing JS
20:38:37 <lamiette_> anitsirk: I'll chase it up
20:39:02 <lamiette_> oh, fmarier_ : we had the keysigning party
20:39:02 <anitsirk> thank you. otherwise i'll just mention it and refer to the web site
20:39:04 <lamiette_> there was no cake
20:39:12 <anitsirk> huh?
20:39:25 <dobedobedoh> The key signing party consisted of lamiette, rkabalin, and myselft
20:39:32 <lamiette_> it was rocking!
20:39:37 <anitsirk> what is a key signing party?
20:39:42 <fmarier_> cool, we'll have a stronger trust path between NZ and the UK now :)
20:39:53 <dobedobedoh> Indeed :)
20:39:59 <anitsirk> oh the gpg key?
20:40:02 <fmarier_> anitsirk: signing each other's gpg keys
20:40:02 <lamiette_> anitsirk: signing gpg keys, so we know to trust each other
20:40:06 <thomaswbell88> they are real people now, not I I'm afraid
20:40:17 <fmarier_> #link http://cryptnet.net/fdp/crypto/keysigning_party/en/keysigning_party.html
20:40:21 <fmarier_> for the gory details
20:40:30 <dobedobedoh> thomaswbell88: We'll get you gitted and gpg'd up soon Im' sure ;)
20:40:55 <lamiette_> #info There was also talk about some entity hosting online 'conferences' inbetween during the year (webinar type things)
20:41:02 <dobedobedoh> rkabalin did a presentation on gerrit, and I did a tour of git to get people more interested in developing features
20:41:23 <dobedobedoh> slides are available online
20:41:28 <lamiette_> emphasis was definitely on contributing to mahara this year
20:41:34 <dobedobedoh> Definately
20:41:37 <lamiette_> oh slide links everyone ?
20:42:20 <lamiette_> #info twitter hashtag #maharauk11 for anyone interested in seeing what attendees had to say
20:42:39 <dobedobedoh> #link http://t.co/dFHqjYX - Git in Mahara
20:43:00 <rkabalin_> http://www.slideshare.net/rkabalin/presentations - both my presentations
20:43:28 <thomaswbell88> I fumbled through a 'non-presentation' (no slides) on the dev day
20:43:29 <lamiette_> #link http://www.slideshare.net/rkabalin/presentations
20:44:10 <dobedobedoh> #link http://www.slideshare.net/andrewnicols/presentations for mine
20:44:25 <anitsirk> ok. if everybody posts their presentation links, here's the 21 3/4 ways to get involved in mahara (recording is so far only on youtube)
20:44:26 <fmarier_> rkabalin_: i really liked your gerrit presentation
20:44:28 <anitsirk> #link http://www.slideshare.net/4nitsirk/21-34-ways-to-get-involved-in-mahara
20:44:44 <dobedobedoh> If anyone is interested in more info on the isolated institutions feature, rkabalin also presented on that
20:44:44 <fmarier_> well, the slide contents at least, i wasn't there to see the live thing ;-)
20:44:47 <rkabalin_> fmarier_: thanks
20:44:48 <lamiette_> thomaswbell88's tools panel http://yfrog.com/gzbkqiej
20:45:01 <anitsirk> #link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rbz9vST0CLw recording
20:45:15 * dobedobedoh thinks that's all he has to say about maharauk11
20:45:45 <lamiette_> #link Mark Osbornes keynote http://prezi.com/dubgzzefzioj/maharauk-open-for-learning/
20:45:48 <lamiette_> yup
20:45:50 <lamiette_> lets move on
20:46:05 <lamiette_> #topic Mahara Reviewer applications#
20:46:12 <lamiette_> we have three:
20:46:17 <lamiette_> hughdavenport_ho:
20:46:20 <lamiette_> bugg_home:
20:46:24 <lamiette_> and lordp
20:46:28 <rkabalin_> wait
20:46:35 <lamiette_> ?
20:46:48 <rkabalin_> I was going to mention thomaswbell88's idea
20:47:00 <rkabalin_> about badges on the forum
20:47:18 <anitsirk> shall we just do it after the applications?
20:47:18 <rkabalin_> (see 3.2 on agenda)
20:47:23 <rkabalin_> ok
20:47:38 <lamiette_> oh right, sorry rkabalin_
20:47:57 <anitsirk> applicants, please step forward. lorp should be here now as well.
20:48:16 <hughdavenport_ho> hello
20:48:22 <bugg_home> hi all
20:48:33 <lamiette_> #info Hugh Davenport Mahara reviewer application
20:48:49 <lamiette_> #info Brett Wilkins Mahara reviewer application
20:49:09 <fmarier_> so who is a current reviewer (and online) at the moment?
20:49:14 * fmarier_ is a reviewer
20:49:21 * dobedobedoh is a reviewer
20:49:26 <lamiette_> #info Darryl Hamilton Mahara reviewer application
20:49:32 <lamiette_> I think I am
20:49:38 <lordp> #info lordp is Darryl Hamilton
20:49:46 * rkabalin_ is reviewer
20:49:49 * richardm is a reviewer
20:50:03 <dobedobedoh> lamiette_: yup you are
20:50:12 <dobedobedoh> Just missing dan_p who'se probably lost packets
20:50:17 <fmarier_> so we've got five?
20:50:24 <dobedobedoh> 5 out of 6
20:50:26 <lamiette_> is five what we need?
20:50:38 * lamiette_ forgets how many we need
20:50:48 <fmarier_> we haven't really set a quorum, this is the first time we do this :)
20:51:01 <fmarier_> but if we had only 1, it would be a bit dodgy
20:51:07 <lamiette_> right, let the games begin then!
20:51:07 <fmarier_> 5 is plenty i'd say
20:51:11 <dobedobedoh> consensus decision rules, with those at the meeting entitled to vote
20:51:33 <lamiette_> first up: hughdavenport_ho
20:51:35 * dan_p is back
20:51:37 <hughdavenport_ho> hello
20:51:38 <fmarier_> dobedobedoh: those _reviewers_ at the meeting :)
20:51:39 <dobedobedoh> http://meetbot.mahara.org/mahara-dev/2010/mahara-dev.2010-11-10-07.34.html FYI
20:51:52 <dobedobedoh> sorry yes, only reviewers
20:52:13 <lamiette_> hmm, I haven't been doing "agrees" oops
20:52:42 <lamiette_> anyway - vote?
20:53:06 <lamiette_> and who is sponsoring
20:53:11 <lamiette_> fmarier_: are you for all three?
20:53:15 <fmarier_> any questions for hughdavenport_ho ?
20:53:18 <hughdavenport_ho> some info on what I have done https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/User:Hughdavenport
20:54:03 <hughdavenport_ho> .
20:54:44 <fmarier_> btw, the "becoming a reviewer" process has been documented here: https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Developer_Area/Code_Review
20:55:14 <fmarier_> (slightly modified version from the meeting log above given that we no longer have committers)
20:56:18 <fmarier_> do people need more time to read hughdavenport_ho bugg_home and lordp 's pages?
20:56:30 <lamiette_> #link https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Developer_Area/Code_Review
20:56:40 <lamiette_> #link https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/User:Hughdavenport
20:56:54 <fmarier_> #link https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/User:Brettwilkins
20:57:00 * dobedobedoh is ready to vote
20:57:01 <fmarier_> #link https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/User:Darrylh
20:57:39 * fmarier_ is ready as well
20:57:47 * rkabalin_ ready to vote, in fact read through their reports prior the meeting
20:57:53 <dobedobedoh> ditto
20:57:59 <richardm> yep, me too
20:58:12 <dan_p> ready to vote!!
20:58:25 <fmarier_> dan_p: awesome we have a full house :)
20:58:34 <fmarier_> lamiette_: ready?
20:58:40 <lamiette_> yup
20:59:02 * fmarier_ moves to accept hughdavenport_ho as a Mahara reviewer
20:59:19 * rkabalin_ accepts hughdavenport_ho as a Mahara reviewer
20:59:20 * dobedobedoh moves to accept hughdavenport_ho as a Mahara reviewer
20:59:36 * richardm accepts hughdavenport_ho as a Mahara reviewer
20:59:42 * dan_p accepts hughdavenport_ho as a Mahara reviewer
20:59:54 * lamiette_ moves to accept hughdavenport_ho as a Mahara reviewer
21:00:18 <lordp> fire alarm at catalyst
21:00:23 <anitsirk> fireall at catalystback in a minute or later
21:00:28 <dan_p> lol
21:00:30 <lamiette_> typical
21:00:31 <fmarier_> nice :)
21:00:31 <hughdavenport_ho> :P
21:00:35 <bugg_home> lol
21:00:37 <lamiette_> lets talk about them while they're gone
21:00:40 <fmarier_> we were overdue for a firedrill
21:00:43 <dan_p> best timimg
21:00:50 * fmarier_ is supposed to be the fire warden
21:00:56 <hughdavenport_ho> heh
21:01:03 * bugg_home is supposed to be fmarier_'s backup
21:01:08 <richardm> we can still vote without them, all the reviewers are still here
21:01:09 <bugg_home> xD
21:01:12 <hughdavenport_ho> double heh
21:01:24 <lamiette_> k, anyway
21:01:24 <fmarier_> who's not here? just anitsirk ?
21:01:28 <lamiette_> was that all of us?
21:01:29 <bugg_home> fmarier_: peterb won't even be at work yet
21:01:37 <bugg_home> fmarier_: anitsirk and lordp
21:01:45 <fmarier_> ok, let's vote on bugg_home then
21:02:48 <bugg_home> lamiette_: that was all of you
21:03:04 <lamiette_> cool
21:03:05 <fmarier_> any questions for bugg_home?
21:03:05 <lamiette_> #agreed Hugh Davenport to become Mahara reviewer
21:04:09 <lamiette_> none from me
21:04:20 <dan_p> I was at a wedding this weekend, the mahara-dev proces feels strangely familiar ;-)
21:04:32 <fmarier_> dan_p: lol
21:04:47 <lamiette_> who's kissing the bride then?
21:04:51 <waawaamilk> hah, those catalyst folk, what lols
21:04:53 * fmarier_ bags not
21:04:56 <hughdavenport_ho> uhhh...
21:04:57 <bugg_home> who's the bride?
21:04:58 <waawaamilk> ooh shit
21:05:01 <waawaamilk> they're back :p
21:05:08 * hughdavenport_ho thinks i should leave now...
21:05:42 <lamiette_> moving on
21:06:19 * lamiette_ moves to accept bugg_home as a Mahara reviewer
21:06:28 * dobedobedoh accepts bugg_home as a Mahara reviewer
21:06:53 <fmarier_> #agree
21:06:55 * richardm accepts bugg_home as a Mahara reviewer
21:07:06 * rkabalin_ accepts bugg_home as a Mahara reviewer
21:07:17 * dan_p accepts bugg_home as a Mahara reviewer
21:07:31 <richardm> arise, sir bugg_home
21:08:09 <bugg_home> richardm: I'll try to not be sick and make it into work today ;)
21:08:22 <richardm> arise, sir bugg
21:08:44 * dan_p wonders if we can sneak any extra mahara-dev vows
21:08:45 <fmarier_> right, so time for lordp
21:09:12 * dobedobedoh accepts lordp as a Mahara reviewer
21:09:23 <fmarier_> #agree
21:09:26 <lamiette_> #agreed Brett Wilkins to become a Mahara reviewer
21:09:28 * rkabalin_ accepts lordp as a Mahara reviewer
21:09:29 * richardm accepts lordp as a Mahara reviewer
21:09:30 <lamiette_> #agree
21:09:38 <lamiette_> fmarier_: can I action these to you?
21:09:43 <anitsirk> catalystas are coming back now
21:09:44 <dobedobedoh> they're already done!
21:09:49 <lamiette_> dobedobedoh: oh really?
21:09:56 * dobedobedoh has had two e-mails so far
21:09:57 <lamiette_> cool
21:10:05 * lamiette_ has ridiculously slow emial
21:10:07 <lamiette_> *email
21:10:08 <lamiette_> right
21:10:29 <lamiette_> that's all the applications so lets get back to rkabalin_ and thomaswbell88 forum badge thingamees
21:10:37 <fmarier_> is dan_p still here?
21:10:43 <dan_p> yep
21:10:49 <fmarier_> dd you vote on lordp ?
21:10:50 <anitsirk> fmarier: worst time ever for a fire drill as neither our fir wardens from level 6 were there. ;-)
21:11:00 <anitsirk> fir = fire
21:11:01 * dan_p accepts lordp as a Mahara reviwer
21:11:05 <bugg_home> anitsirk: and I, their backup, was not either
21:11:24 <fmarier_> anitsirk: yeah l6 is going to fail this one :)
21:11:26 <anitsirk> nope. i cleared l6 on behalf of you guys so that we could get back in
21:11:38 <lamiette_> *ahem* it's just gone 10pm over here ...
21:11:41 <lamiette_> :)
21:11:42 <fmarier_> we usually pass the afternoon ones though :)
21:11:49 <anitsirk> with flying colors
21:11:59 <anitsirk> ok. lordp is back as well.
21:12:19 <bugg_home> rkabalin_ and thomaswbell88's forum badges!
21:12:26 <bugg_home> :P
21:12:27 <rkabalin_> right
21:12:27 <fmarier_> lordp: please add your catalyst email address on launchpad
21:13:05 <rkabalin_> since thomaswbell88 is here, he might tell us about his idea himself
21:13:10 <thomaswbell88> sure
21:13:12 <lamiette_> unless he's fallen asleep ..
21:13:13 <rkabalin_> ;)
21:13:15 <thomaswbell88> zzz
21:13:16 <dobedobedoh> topic change?
21:13:27 <lamiette_> #topic mahara.org forum badges
21:13:31 <lamiette_> there
21:13:34 <dobedobedoh> :p
21:13:43 <lamiette_> thomaswbell88: go for it
21:14:16 <thomaswbell88> forum badges are used in many community forums to engage members.. examples for me are Ubuntu community
21:14:27 <thomaswbell88> i'm sure you've all seen them around?
21:14:39 <thomaswbell88> Most of you would have a Core Developer 'badge'
21:14:59 <thomaswbell88> or Code Reviewer for those privelaged
21:15:01 <fmarier_> we've already got lots of cool icons we can use for these badges :)
21:15:04 <thomaswbell88> ;P
21:15:10 <dobedobedoh> We'd probably have to modify the forum code
21:15:12 <anitsirk> yep. sounds good
21:15:14 * rkabalin_ Moodle forum is another example
21:15:15 <lordp> fmarier_: done
21:15:19 <dobedobedoh> Sounds good to me
21:15:34 <bugg_home> that sounds like a cool idea
21:15:37 <thomaswbell88> I thought it might engage more people to get involved in the contribution, which is certainly an issue i think?
21:15:45 * lamiette_ likes more pretty pictures
21:15:48 <fmarier_> thomaswbell88: do you want to start a wiki page with the list of badges you thought about?
21:16:07 <thomaswbell88> sure
21:16:12 <fmarier_> it could go on here: https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Developer_Area/Specifications_in_Development
21:16:32 <fmarier_> since it will be a new Mahara feature for mahara.org (but could be in core as well)
21:16:56 <rkabalin_> another good thing that you also know who replied to you on the forum - core developer, translator, contributior or just an ordinary user
21:17:06 <lamiette_> rkabalin_: yeah
21:17:11 <thomaswbell88> absolutely rkabalin
21:17:11 <richardm> yeah i vote for in core
21:17:16 <fmarier_> it would be good also to flesh out how people earn badges, who gives them, how, etc.
21:17:26 <bugg_home> fmarier_: we'd want to have institution-definable badges, in that case?
21:17:44 <fmarier_> bugg_home: maybe, but we could start with site-wide ones
21:17:48 <richardm> group admin might be better, seeing as the forums are all in groups
21:17:57 <bugg_home> ah
21:18:02 <richardm> like moderators
21:18:04 <anitsirk> i think it would also be good to see other forum posts from the same author more easily. the google search is ehm not really good. the dates and post info is all wrong for most things
21:18:13 <dan_p> have you guys seen teh particularl helpful moodlers group in moodle?
21:18:22 <fmarier_> if it's too complicated or too much work, then it's less likely it will happen
21:18:24 <rkabalin_> or it could be just a user reputation setting - we can just assign them
21:18:27 <lamiette_> fmarier_: could be like requested group membership or something - reviewers group, contrib plugins group, security group etc yeah
21:18:34 <fmarier_> dan_p: yeah that's a pretty good one
21:18:42 <bugg_home> would it be cool if the badges could be site-wide? that way when you place feedback on a pagge then your badges can show up there too
21:18:42 <anitsirk> groups are not associated with institutions, bugg_home
21:18:54 <dan_p> phm is algorithimically driven atm
21:19:59 <dan_p> "These people have written a lot of "useful" posts in the Using Moodle forums recently, as determined by the Moodle community when they rate posts.
21:20:02 <dan_p> The formula is currently:
21:20:05 <dan_p> Must have posted something in the past 60 days
21:20:07 <dan_p> Must have been rated "Useful" 14 or more times, by more than 8 raters
21:20:16 <dan_p> Must have a ratio of total ratings to total posts of 0.02 or greater.:
21:20:18 <dan_p> "
21:20:19 <dan_p> .
21:20:37 <richardm> bugg_home: yeah if the badges are used outside the forums site-wide would be better
21:20:53 <fmarier_> should we see what thomaswbell88 comes up with and discuss his "spec" at the next meeting?
21:21:02 <anitsirk> that also means we'd need post ratings.
21:21:05 <lamiette_> #agreed
21:21:10 <dobedobedoh> #agreed
21:21:11 <richardm> #agree
21:21:15 <rkabalin_> #agree
21:21:17 <fmarier_> #agree
21:21:21 <dan_p> anitsirk: not suggesting that as a solution, just a perspective
21:21:21 <bugg_home> #agree
21:21:26 <anitsirk> #agree
21:21:28 <hughdavenport_ho> #agree
21:21:28 <thomaswbell88> theres a lot of discussion around it, could it be put out in the developers forum inbetween now and next month?
21:21:40 <dan_p> anitsirk: in Mooodle land it used to be a manual process
21:21:44 <lamiette_> #action thomaswbell88 to come up with ideas for mahara.org badges and post on the wiki under Specifications in Development
21:21:47 <dan_p> #agreed
21:21:48 <anitsirk> thomaswbell88: you could put the spec on the wiki and then have the discussion in the forum
21:21:52 <lamiette_> #link https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Developer_Area/Specifications_in_Development
21:22:01 <bugg_home> when I mentioned institutions, I was thinking that people could have badges assigned by the institution, to highlight where they are from and where they have relevance. *shrugs*
21:22:53 <thomaswbell88> do I have to agree in meetbot language ? :P
21:23:00 <anitsirk> some teachers would like to see merrit badges for their students. similar but not quite the same
21:23:08 <lamiette_> true. you didn't agree and I actioned it! tehehe
21:23:20 <lamiette_> thomaswbell88: if you agree type: #agreed
21:23:28 <thomaswbell88> #agreed
21:23:28 <thomaswbell88> !
21:23:51 <lamiette_> or is it just #agree
21:23:54 <dobedobedoh> with the d
21:24:02 <lamiette_> k
21:24:07 <lamiette_> rightr
21:24:10 <lamiette_> brilliant
21:24:17 <lamiette_> last item
21:24:27 <lamiette_> #topic Update on the user manual
21:24:29 <lamiette_> anitsirk:
21:24:37 <dobedobedoh> lamiette_ Don't forget fmarier's debian item
21:24:37 <anitsirk> i'll be quick.
21:24:41 <anitsirk> #info the user manual is now started in asciidoc. the repository contains a Makefile for easy creation of the output file.
21:24:45 <anitsirk> fmarier_ created a Makefile so that you only need to run that command over your manual txt files and it chooses all the updates ones to convert into html (so far). I'm getting used to the asciidoc markup, and up to now it's been a good experience as the markup is minimal compared to XML. Syntax-highlighting is a definite plus. It will be slow going in the beginning and I have to find a way to write the manual for mahara 1.5 as well because
21:24:45 <lamiette_> dobedobedoh: doh
21:24:47 <anitsirk> that way new features will hopefully not get lost. the idea is to have the manual for 1.5 evolving as 1.5 is developed so that it is ready when 1.5 is released.
21:24:51 <anitsirk> #info the manual sits in git, some information on where it is and how to set up asciidoc (esp. the syntax-highlighting in vim) is at
21:24:52 <lamiette_> #link https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Manual/Manual_Setup
21:24:55 <anitsirk> #link https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Manual/Manual_Setup
21:24:59 <anitsirk> We have not set it up with gerrit or any automatic testing yet as i'm the only one (maybe dajan soon) using it. Things to come: the actual html, chunked html (pages by chapter instead of one long document) output and pdf. in git you have the original txt files and the images (png and original svg for translations, adaptions etc. where available) but not the output html files.
21:25:03 <anitsirk> And the coolest thing of all:
21:25:07 <anitsirk> #info we now have another mahara family member: the Mahara Scribe thanks to evonne who came up with it. it's now also on the wiki. :-)
21:25:09 <anitsirk> .
21:25:19 <anitsirk> mhh. that didn't go as intended.
21:25:25 <lamiette_> woah, you came prepared
21:25:40 <anitsirk> wwanted to make it quick
21:25:44 <anitsirk> #info the user manual is now started in asciidoc. the repository contains a Makefile for easy creation of the output file.
21:25:50 <anitsirk> #info the manual sits in git, some information on where it is and how to set up asciidoc (esp. the syntax-highlighting in vim) is at
21:25:56 <anitsirk> #link https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Manual/Manual_Setup
21:26:02 <anitsirk> #info we now have another mahara family member: the Mahara Scribe thanks to evonne who came up with it. it's now also on the wiki. :-)
21:26:16 <anitsirk> .
21:27:03 <rkabalin_> That a great example how every meeting item should be presented ;)
21:27:13 <dobedobedoh> indeed
21:27:43 <dan_p> rkabalin_: well, i'd like to encourage discussion, else no point of having a meeting.. ;-)
21:27:44 <lamiette_> very quick
21:28:36 <lamiette_> anitsirk: you're definitely getting your head around git :)
21:28:54 <anitsirk> oh yeah :-) thanks to fmarier_
21:28:54 <lamiette_> anyone have any further questions for anitsirk ?
21:29:37 <lamiette_> otherwise we'll move onto fmarier_ 's debian topic and try wrap up the meeting
21:29:40 <fmarier_> lamiette_: soon i expect she'll be pushing patches to gerrit
21:29:55 <fmarier_> and we'll see her name in the 1.5 credits
21:30:07 <lamiette_> fmarier_: woot!
21:30:16 <anitsirk> awesome :-)
21:30:57 <lamiette_> right
21:31:00 <lamiette_> #topic Invitation to join the Debian Packaging team
21:31:03 <lamiette_> fmarier_:
21:31:08 <lamiette_> (sorry I missed you before)
21:31:13 <fmarier_> well, there's not much to add really :)
21:31:23 <lamiette_> heh
21:31:30 <fmarier_> and dobedobedoh and rkabalin_ have already responded to it
21:31:48 <fmarier_> it was mostly a call for volunteers to expand the one-person packaging team :)
21:31:53 <bugg_home> so what's the gist?
21:31:54 <bugg_home> oh
21:31:56 <richardm> me too
21:32:04 <dan_p> fmarier_: how much commitment do you need ;-)
21:32:09 <dobedobedoh> It makes sense for us -- we use debian almost exclusively, and we package pretty much everything we write
21:32:10 <lamiette_> fmarier_: 3 active members
21:32:12 <lamiette_> :)
21:32:22 <dobedobedoh> s/write/use/
21:32:51 <dan_p> fmarier_: I think its interesting to compare to the Moodle package that you took under your wing
21:33:10 <fmarier_> the package is only updated when there's a new mahara release, but security fixes need to be backported to all supported distros, so that requires a bit of testing
21:33:37 <dobedobedoh> Is the Debian package used in ubuntu too?
21:33:44 <fmarier_> yup
21:34:19 <fmarier_> anyways, i'll talk to the new recruits and we'll sort something out :)
21:34:26 <lamiette_> awesome
21:34:28 <dobedobedoh> fmarier_: Cool :)
21:34:39 <rkabalin_> fmarier_: thanks
21:34:50 <fmarier_> rkabalin_: dobedobedoh thanks for volunteering
21:35:02 <hughdavenport_ho> i can probably help out as well
21:35:05 * dobedobedoh is excited to be a part of it
21:35:06 <fmarier_> #info fmarier_ welcomes dobedobedoh and rkabalin_ to the Mahara packaging team
21:35:25 <lamiette_> congrats
21:35:26 <lamiette_> okay
21:35:28 <lamiette_> next meeting
21:35:44 <lamiette_> #topic Next Meeting date
21:36:04 <lamiette_> I put a suggested time up of Thursday, 28 July 2011, 08:30:00 UTC
21:36:14 <lamiette_> just cause it was a month away
21:36:32 <dan_p> #agree
21:36:35 <fmarier_> if we make it the week of the 1 Aug, I might be able to make it
21:36:46 <fmarier_> but I can't the week before
21:37:08 <lamiette_> but that actually is wrong now cause of apparently us having summer over here or something (though it seems more wintery)
21:37:16 <dobedobedoh> I was going to suggest that, for their own sanity, we have a chair who is working in their evening -- saves you getting up even earlier to prepare for an early meeting
21:37:27 <lamiette_> fmarier_: yeah, incidentally I can't make the date I suggested as I'll be in Scotland :P
21:37:31 <anitsirk> 28th is not good as it is moodlemoot nz and i may not be back yet (as we are on in the evening)
21:37:43 <fmarier_> alright, so 28th is out :)
21:37:52 <bugg_home> so the following thursday?
21:37:53 <fmarier_> how about 3 Aug?
21:37:58 <lamiette_> week of the 1st of August?
21:38:14 <anitsirk> works for me
21:38:19 <rkabalin_> 3th is fine with me
21:38:30 <hughdavenport_ho> fine with me
21:38:31 <dobedobedoh> 3rd august @ 19:30 NZST; 4th August @ 08:30 GMT Is that?
21:38:44 <anitsirk> eh nope. rather the other way around ;-)
21:38:54 <anitsirk> but as we are in the evening, it's morning the same day for you
21:38:58 <fmarier_> dobedobedoh: stick to UTC dates only, it reduces the number of possible errors :)
21:39:02 <lamiette_> http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20110803T0730
21:39:07 <lamiette_> does that look right?
21:39:28 <anitsirk> ye
21:39:30 <fmarier_> #agreed
21:39:30 <anitsirk> yep
21:39:35 <rkabalin_> #agreed
21:39:37 <dan_p> #agreed
21:39:43 <lamiette_> #agreed
21:39:43 <dobedobedoh> #agreed
21:39:44 <bugg_home> #agreed
21:39:50 <richardm> #agreed
21:39:57 <thomaswbell88> #agreed
21:39:58 <hughdavenport_ho> #agreed
21:40:02 <anitsirk> #agreed
21:40:18 <lamiette_> #link http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20110803T0730
21:40:47 <lamiette_> who wants to chair next time?
21:41:10 <dan_p> I will volunteer (with a caveat)
21:41:25 <bugg_home> I could give it a go, it's in my evening time
21:41:44 <lamiette_> #info next meeting Wednesday, 3 August 2011, 07:30:00 UTC time
21:41:46 * dobedobedoh wonders what dan_p's caveat is!
21:42:20 <dan_p> caveat is that lamiette_ lets me insert an AOB into this meeting
21:42:20 <lamiette_> dan_p: ?
21:43:05 <dan_p> AOB= any other business
21:43:06 <lamiette_> *sigh*
21:43:09 <lamiette_> if you must
21:43:40 <dan_p> I'd like to apologise for the poor availability of jenkins.mahara.org. Turns out the old server we put it on is in bad shape. Moving to our VM cluster and also less dependency on me in LUNS is in the pipeline, as well as more tests.
21:44:25 <dan_p> for now, if you can't get hold of me, support@luns.net.uk will help you ;-)
21:44:45 <dan_p> .
21:44:45 <fmarier_> and i'd like to thank dan_p and LUNS for setting it up. it's really good to have and i really like how you added the link to the reports in the -1 comments :)
21:44:59 <lamiette_> definitely
21:45:00 <lamiette_> thanks dan_p
21:45:20 <richardm> yep, thanks heaps dan_p, it's already been very useful
21:46:04 <lamiette_> cool
21:46:05 <lamiette_> right
21:46:12 <lamiette_> nearing 11pm here
21:46:16 <dobedobedoh> thanks to lamiette_ for chairing tonight
21:46:16 <lamiette_> so I think meeting over
21:46:20 <lamiette_> (poorly)
21:46:23 <lamiette_> :)
21:46:24 <anitsirk> thank you, lamiette_
21:46:33 <pxh> lamiette_: thanks
21:46:38 <rkabalin_> thank you lamiette_
21:46:39 <hughdavenport_ho> thx
21:46:41 <bugg_home> thanks lamiette_ !
21:46:43 <richardm> thanks lamiette_
21:46:47 <fmarier_> thanks lamiette_
21:46:47 <anitsirk> we made it under 2.5 hours, lamiette_! :-)
21:46:59 <lamiette_> anitsirk: yay!
21:47:06 <dan_p> thanks lamiette_
21:47:08 <thomaswbell88> ty lamiette_ ! :D
21:47:17 <thomaswbell88> my very first
21:47:24 <thomaswbell88> ;D
21:47:24 <lamiette_> okay everyone ! Ka Kite
21:47:27 <lamiette_> #endmeeting